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Gani Adams Must Apologise To Yoruba People—OPC National Coordinating Council

By OPC National Coordinating Council
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Our attention has once again been drawn to the salacious remark made by Gani Adams while responding to the victory of General Muhammadu Buhari at the poll. In the said remark, Gani Adams congratulated the new president-elect, Mr Muhammadu Buhari and even described his emergence as the will of God.

Like a man who seems not to have any decency left in him; he made a fast u-turn on Buhari, the man he once detested. Now in the world of Gani Adams, Buhari has become another god to be worshiped for pecuniary gains.

He described Buhari as Nigeria's Abraham Lincoln. In his words: “I wish to send my congratulations to the President-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari, on his success in the recently-concluded presidential election. By his resounding success in the election across the country, General Buhari has proved that he is the choice of the people.”

“I commend his resilience and tenacity over the years which have seen him equals the record of great leaders like Abraham Lincoln of the USA. His victory is a lesson to all of us that we can be what we want to be if we are patient and persistent in our legitimate pursuits in life”.

“His speeches before, during and after the election are also commendable because they went a long way in dousing the tension in the country.This actually shows that the 'Peoples General' as he is fondly called is indeed a statesman'.

“However, having won the election, I want the president-elect to begin to see himself as the president-elect of all Nigerians and not just that of the All Progressives Congress (APC). For him, it is time to mend whatever differences that may have arisen as a result of the election.”

“It is time for all Nigerians, irrespective of political affiliation, to come together to continue to build our nation in a positive way, which of course, should be the focus of the president-elect himself and every other political leader across the various political parties in the country.”

“And for all of us, it is a new dawn in the annals of the country for an opposition party to win in a popular election.

In as much as we are not against anybody or group from congratulating the new president-elect; we are only using this medium to further showcase the real Gani Adams, an opportunist using Oodua Peoples Congress for selfish purposes.

Here is a man who for selfish purpose dance naked in the market square when he staged a macabre protest calling for the removal of Professor Attahiru Jega as the Chairman of INEC. Today, that same Jega that Gani Adams called many names is now a man of the moment. The entire world is celebrating Jega for ensuring a credible election in Nigeria.

In decent societies, the likes of Gani Adams and his cohorts ought to have buried their faces in shame by now but because they are second-class citizens with inferior scholarship; they still think Yoruba people are fools and whose collective intelligence can be toyed with.

Let us even ask Gani Adams what happened to the six million votes he promised President Jonathan whom he took money from? God has really exposed your kind as nothing but an egocentric opportunist taking advantage of President Goodluck Jonathan. President Jonathan should understand that one of the factors that contributed to his defeat in South West is associating with the likes of Gani Adams who does have any electoral value. Unfortunately, it cost President Jonathan dearly before realising that Gani Adams is a liability and not an asset as he wants the whole world to think of him.

Now that the hypocrisy of Gani Adams has been exposed; he should do the honourable thing by resigning his position and apologise to all Yoruba people he has been deceiving all these years. He should desist from attacking members who opposed his recent sacrifice of Yoruba people on the altar of politics.

We equally urge him to desist from inciting members of the group against some of us who have become his enemies because we want him to put the interests of all members and Yoruba race into consideration before taking decisions.

The era of OPC member killing another OPC member is over. The era of factions in OPC is over and we will not result to violence irrespective of threat and intimidation from him.

Signed By:
Adeshina Akinpelu
Spokesman National Coordinating Council, Oodua Peoples Congress, OPC