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INEC Results Released Projects Buhari To Win


From the latest results released by the Independent National Electoral

Commission, INEC, General Mohammadu Buhari of the All Progressive Congress, APC, is coasting home to winning the Presidential elections.

Even with strong showing in Rivers, President Goodluck Jonathan’s chances of winning has been reduced to a miracle.

Below is results released by INEC
#Cross River Results: LGAs: 18 NO of POLITICAL PARTIES: 14, REG. VOTERS: 1,144,288, ACCR VOTERS: 500,577. Results: AA: 279AD: 709, ACPN:514, ADC:749, APA:532, APC:28,368, CPP:381, HOPE:237, KOWA:312 , NCP:930, PDP:414,863, PPN:864, UDP:289, UPP:1487. VALID VOTES:450,514. VOTES CAST: 465,906, REJECTED VOTES:15,392

#Gombe Results: LGAs: 11, NO of POLITICAL PARTIES: 14, REG. VOTERS: 1,110,105, ACCR VOTERS: 515,828. Results: AA: 104, AD: 169, ACPN: 192, ADC: 247, APA: 773, APC: 361,245, CPP: 407, HOPE: 46, KOWA:97, NCP: 227, PDP: 96,873, PPN:157, UDP:25, UPP:37. VALID VOTES:460,599, VOTES CAST: 473,444, REJECTED VOTES: 12,845

#Bayelsa Results: LGAs: 8, NO of POLITICAL PARTIES: 14, REG. VOTERS: 605,637, ACCR VOTERS: 384,789. Results: AA:45, AD:69, ACPN:38, ADC:116, APA:70, APC:5,194, CPP:44, HOPE:18, KOWA:52, NCP:95, PDP:361,209, PPN:62 UDP:20,UPP:35. VALID VOTES: 367,067, VOTES CAST: 371,739, REJECTED VOTES: 4672

‪#Lagos Results: LGAs: 20, NO of POLITICAL PARTIES: 14, REG. VOTERS: 5,827,846, ACCR VOTERS: 1,678,754, RESULTS: AA:1795, AD:4453, ACPN:3038,ADC:2072, APA:2177, APC:792,460, CPP:1125, HOPE:255, KOWA:1000 NCP:1430, PDP:632,327, PPN:1041, UDP:269, UPP:244. VALID VOTES: 1,443,686, VOTES CAST: 1,495,975, REJECTED VOTES: 52,289.

#NIGER Results: LGAs: 25 NO of POLITICAL PARTIES: 14, REG. VOTERS: 1,995,679, ACCR VOTERS: 933,607, AA: 307 AD: 403 ACPN:441 ADC:614 APA:2006 APC:657,678 CPP:1264 HOPE:198 KOWA:305 NCP:550 PDP:149,222 PPN:449 UDP:116 UPP:118. VALID VOTES: 813,671, VOTES CAST: 844,683, REJECTED VOTES: 31,012

#Ebonyi Results LGAs:13, REG. VOTERS: 1,071,226 ACCR VOTERS: 425,301 RESULTS: AA: 426, AD: 1133, ACPN:1214, ADC:2704, APA:2452, APC:19,518, CPP:2345, HOPE:989, KOWA:913, NCP:1890, PDP:323,653, PPN:1168, UDP:624, UPP:4859. VALID VOTES: 363,888, VOTES CAST: 393,337, REJECTED VOTES: 29,449

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