With razor’s edge elections, eyes of the world on pregnant Nigeria

March 28, 2015: Beyond the niceties and glad-handing between incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan (of the PDP) and his opponent retired General Muhammad Buhari (of the APC), Houston-based USAfricaonline.com is reporting that there are simmering tension at several flashpoints as 55 million of Nigeria's 160 million citizens carry a pregnant future on their PVCs (permanent voter's cards) into and outside the balloting grounds. Especially in the Rivers State, Lagos State, Ekiti, Ondo, Imo, Delta, Borno and Kaduna and Nasarawa states..

Soldiers have been deployed at key locations across the country.

The activist supporters of the 2 major candidates are both making preemptive claims to a certain victory at the polls. Those are veritable recipes for post-election conflict between supporters of Buhari who come from the mainly Islamic north, plus swaths of support from the Bola Tinubu-led campaign machine in the Yoruba southwest versus those of the President drawn mainly from the South South, South East and north central.

The statistical difference between the presidential election opinion polls are so marginal that different interests groups have interpreted the polling data to assign victory on March 28, 2015.

In a metaphorical as much as practical depiction, I know that Nigeria is pregnant but no one is certain whether on March 31, it will be a Frankenstein; or a Frankenstein….

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