As We Vote Today

And here we are! Change! had said today would not come, that Our President would not let elections hold, that Our President would foster an interim government, that Our President would betray our trust. But he is still Our President. Today is still election day. And here we are.

Before now. Change! had said only four kinds of people could believe in Our President, and proceeded to say some pretty nasty things about us. Change! had said it is an intellectual crime to choose in a democracy, yet same Change! has said it must be chosen. Not only does Change! reek of desperation and directionlessness, but Change! is wrong, very wrong, to dictate to us. And Change! had threatened all sorts. Before now.

And now? Our President has defended our Constitutional right to choose freely. Our President has provided us with the opportunity to choose. Our President has enabled us, as must be in a true democracy. What we must ask ourselves is, Would Change! have allowed same? Would Change! ever allow, or concede, defeat in her strongholds, such as Lagos? Does Change! allow opposition to thrive as Our President has done? Does Change! recognise our right to choose freely without intimidation, coercion or frustration? Does Change! allow choice ever? And now?

Change! has taken advantage of our misunderstanding of Our President's love and kindness, of Our President's affection and action, of Our President's capacity and ability. Change! has promoted resentment, and blatant hatred, of the man we love. Change! has swindled us! For naught will change save Tinubu's status. And with the hate that Change! has sown, we will be at a loss for Change!

Otherwise, Change! would have recognised our armed forces, acknowledged their efforts, and praised their valiance. Otherwise Change! would have campaigned against BH, denounced its philosophy, and defended the unity of Nigeria. Otherwise, Change! would not see everything through politics, votes, and supporter-strength, but love, unity, support for the government's efforts, and not otherwise.

As we vote today, may we remember the wise Proverbs to love God, and the King, Our President, to not associate with Change! lest our democracy be ruined suddenly (24: 21) since the very essence of democracy is that people should be free to choose whomever they want. if the Change! cannot respect that as an Opposition, will they, as the ruling party? I ask to know, as we vote today.

Today, we stop being played, we stop being puns on Tinubu's chessboard, we stop looking up to a compromised messiah. Today, we realise that Change! is playing on our emotions to sell us damaged goods: the restoration of *555*1*PIN#, the mortgage of Nigeria to åß, the perpetuation of family politics. Today, we vote for Our President for freedom, for tolerance, for progress, for democracy, and not Change! No, not today!

As we do so, as we Vote Freedom, there must NOT be violence, intimidation, coercion. As we Vote Tolerance, there must NOT be hatred, selfishness, lust. As we Vote Progress, there must NOT be threats, unruliness, Inquisition. As we Vote Democracy, we must not degrade our humanity, erode our unity, and become Change!, as we do so.

God bless Nigeria.

As we vote today.

Ayokunle Ayk Fowosire,

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