Man Castrated For Stealing Phone In Uganda

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A Youth in Uganda lost his manhood after being castrated by a mob for allegedly stealing a Mobile phone. This happened few weeks back in Mpigi District some 34 km from the Capital Kampala.

An angry group of citizens grabbed a man I identified only as Makanga who they accused of stealing a Mobile Phone belonging to one elderly person.

Leaders in the area are so bitter about the killings that are being carried out on the innocent citizens by some hooligans and promised to bring to book those who are involved in such a crime.

Mob justice has become order of the day in this east African Nation of approximately 35 million people.

Citizens are taking the law into their own hands after losing hope in the justice system.

Uganda's president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has on several occasions criticized the justice system for being inefficient and weak.

He accused the courts for being lenient to the criminals and giving bail to those who do not deserve it.

Police arrests criminals and when they are taken to courts of law, they are given bail and others are acquitted for lack of evidence.

'How can you give bail to criminals, the law must be reviewed', a curious Museveni fumed during one of his visits on his country wide regular tours.

Many people have lost their lives, property and other belongings due to mob justice.

Late last year a man was mugged and beaten to death by a group of motor cyclists called Boda Boda in the local dialect.

They came running after Akram not his real name, they beat and killed him while shouting 'omubbi, omubbi' meaning a thief in a local dialect.

After dying it was established that a man was not a criminal but actually the real owner of the Motor bike.

In another development Uganda's President Yoweri kaguta Museveni few weeks back reshuffled his cabinet kicking out his former controversial Attorney general Peter Nyombi, replacing him with his junior Fred ruhindi.

The President also named Supreme Court Judge Bart Katureebe as the new Chief Justice.

The judiciary has not had a substantive Chief Justice for two years, after the retirement of Justice Benjamin Odoki in 2013.

In final analysis one can argue and say that, the castration of a youth in Mpigi district shows how the community has gone to the dogs.

Government must urgently come in to put in place programs which will educate the masses to respect the rule of law, also there is a need to strengthen the justice department, as this will play a leading role to bring back order in the society.

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