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Why Oshimohole must recall sacked Permanent Secretary

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We call on the Edo State governor, Adams Oshiomhole and the All Progressives Congress (APC) to stop playing politics with bitterness and hatred. We are shocked at unbecoming attitude of the Oshiomhole's government, the latest being his failed effort to stop and frustrate the noble visit of the First Lady, Patience Jonathan, to Edo State.

After meeting the requirements in the approval letter of our request to use the Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium on Saturday, March 13, to receive the First Lady, Governor Oshiomhole attempted to frustrate us by asking that we pick another date. Their excuse was that the same date had been approved to receive Hajiya Buhari.

We, however, commend the security agencies in the state, who prevailed on the governor and his party to allow reasoning prevail after a talk that lasted about four hours. We say that we were the first to request and secure the use of the stadium on the said date after paying the prescribed fees. We challenge the APC government to produce the receipt of the payment made to the management of the stadium. We want to remind Governor Oshiomhole that Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium is not among his vast private estate nor that of his party as it was built by taxpayers' money

In line with an official policy of finding a scapegoat to take the fall for its recklessness, the state government descended on the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry Youths and Sports, Mr Samuel Obaze Uhunmwangho, and retired him from the state Civil Service. We consider this action as barbaric, wicked, partisan, and unjustifiable. The move is a hallmark of Area Boys' politics. Nothing could be more absurd than the sack of a servant, who has put in many years of meritorious service to his state only to be kicked out of office for processing the application for the hosting of the visit of the First Lady to the state.

We lament the destruction of the laid down rules of the civil service under the APC government of Governor Adams Oshiomhole. We want to remind the governor that the position of a civil servant is not like that of a casual worker that can be hired and fired at will. If the Permanent Secretary as erred as claimed, we want to remind the state government that the proper thing to do is to refer him to the state Civil Service Commission. The governor has indeed abused his office by denying this innocent and intelligent officer fair hearing.

We call for the immediate recall of Mr Uhunmwangho. We say that the state government owe him an apology for the shame and ridicule brought upon his name and character. The action reminds one of the dark days of the military junta of retired General Muhammadu Buhari which we are still trying to bury in the past. We pray there will never be a resurgence of evil in Edo State and Nigeria.

Signed: Dan Osi Orbih
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