Of Artists and Scientists

Medicine is both a science and an art: the study of Medicine starts predominantly as science, the Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Biochemistry; continues as a blend of science and art, the Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Pharmacology; and ends predominantly in art, Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Medicine and Surgery.

In the one you are expected to think outside the box, imagine, and explore; in the other, well, just cram and pass, do it as it has been done for centuries: stand on the right side of the patient, say it thus and thus, no need to reinvent anything. In the one you have to be smart and genius; in the other, just be alert and attentive, and tune your antennas to synch.

And as it turns out, Medicine asks for scientists, admits more scientists than artists, and turns us all into artists by virtue of the training; yet, Medicine makes it (extremely) difficult for the scientist to survive! Much like Nigeria: Nigeria votes you in as a Democrat, but expects you to be a Dictator; wants you to swear to protect and uphold the Constitution, yet would rather you threw everyone in jail, even without lawful convictions; wants you to build lasting structures, but would rather you did so overnight.

And what is worse? Nigerians refuse to blame the Constitution, or NASS who continue to not strengthen it, but blame the President who is merely the executor. If you asked me, I'd say it's Stockholm Syndrome: we have been under military dictatorship, and oppressive democracy, for so long that we cannot recognise what stellar democracy we have in our current dispensation, and what asset we have in our President. QED!

Yet we got ourselves here: Removing Subsidy was the right move, however much we fault the when and how, but when we protested and brought our country to its knees, not only did we weaken our President's resolve to do what is right at all cost, we discredited the well-meaning allies he had chosen, and inadvertently put around him those questionable characters that have now ruined things. One really cannot have his cake and eat it, it turns out.

Fortunately, such power-hungry ones have abandoned the seemingly sinking ship and defected, shall we again empower them by voting Buhari, and starting all over? I say No! As should you! (SEE, The RESET Button)

Our problem, asides dancing only to popular tunes and flowing wherever the power brokers shove us, is that we lose faith so easily, yet we pray. We hope to be free, yet we shackle ourselves to popular opinion. We want to be rid of the Cabals, but we are so blinded by that desire that we cannot see the Cabals are now waiting for us on Buhari's side, since they are always on the popular side.

The only reason Buhari has become so popular in recent time (you may believe in Change! as long as you want, it is all PR; get in touch with the right people, and #AykforPresident2031 will be on everyone's tongue) is the shift of the Cabals away from Jonathan. And we have always prayed for it, but now that it has happened, we work against it ourselves! The people behind Buhari are sacrosanct; if they were not, they would not be with him since it is only commonsense to protect one's interests.

These people are smart. They are invested in Buhari to secure their vested interests in Nigeria, against our interests and our future. Whatever laws Buhari passes will have loopholes for them to exploit and be safe. (Remember, taxes were invented to take from the rich and give to the poor, but as the rich never lose, the tax laws have always provided havens for the haves, and deprived the have-nots.)

Yet, we want them in power, continually.

Those that got us where we are, and benefit from our misery, are strong, and will not give up without a fight. We must first tie their hands by laying waste to their plans for Buhari's tenure. We must defeat them now, or we will become collateral damage for the next four years, or eight. (WATCH OUT for "Me AND Now") The only way to overcome them is to vote against expectations: Vote Jonathan.

Ayk Fowosire.

Jonathan! Jonathan!! Jonathan!!!

When I read "Vote Jonathan for CONTINUITY" on your handsome billboards, I shake my head because you got it wrong. We are not voting for you to continue to respect Obj, Atiku, Clinton, US, UK, Tinubu (call a thief a thief, no need for diplomatic analogies of yam and goat!); we are voting for Change! We want you to change. We understand that you cannot throw everyone in jail, but we expect you to seize their lives (lawfully); we expect you are smarter now, we expect your "allegiance" to the Cabals have expired.

No one is greater than Nigeria, since we all derive our identity from her. So, no more sacred cows. No more underground pardons. We are the jury, expose them all! Damn them! Remove subsidy! Frustrate NASS to cut their salaries. If they threaten to impeach you, just come on air and tell us; and they will smell their bum bum...

You are a scientist, you are a democrat, and we understand now. But even then, you must be seen to perform. (That is the only way scientists survive Med School!)

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