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The confession of a repented Boko Haram member

By Tom Garba,Yola
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Mr Luka Tumba Kwatri has the chance to live for many years after what he described to be hell fire in the camp and cricks belonging to the members of Boko Haram, Luka was taken away from Book Haram at the time that Mubi and Michika was over ran by the insurgents and turned the areas to be the city and seats of the Islamic caliphate.

Hear his story;
"I regretted the day I told myself to go to Mubi in order to buy goods for my provision shop in Michika, on that fateful day I remember I asked my wife what should I buy for her and she reply I should buy anything eatable, on reaching to Maraban Mubi I noticed all the roads are heady blocked and thought within me this must be Nigerian army because all the people there were wearing caki and unknown to me this are Boko Haram people they have already leveled down the whole of Maraban Mubi, and no where to run to as the roads heavy blocked with heavy armory and somebody shouted down on me immediately it occurred to me my life is in danger.

What look as if I was in a trans of dead because of fear of dead when somebody molested me with a question of what do I do for a living and lied when I said I am a mechanic and shouted Allahu Huk'abar ,one of them said they should not kill me because of my skills as a mechanic, the men bundle in a hilux pickup van to the hinter land of Sambisa forest where I saw thousands of people from all work of life doing one thing or the order.The Boko Haram I am talking about are really prepared for any thing seeing how well organized and structure of leadership they have, it was there that they take me to what they call trainee camp,there I noticed all what they do is to inculcate their believe with different orientation of Islam religion a total brain washing of strange Islamic believe, they force me to renounced Christianity which I deliberately complied for fear of that but my heart is never with them

What we mostly do st that stage are to maintain the day to day affairs of domestic issues base on what your field is, on daily basis we go to a training ground where they equip us with the knowledge on gun handlings forming of IDEs and its operations

But for me I am always looking for away on how to escape from the camp". On that fateful day I saw the miracle of God,the chief instructor was given a different assignment and they brought somebody they called Alhaji Mohaamed and he asked me my name, and fortunately we are name sake my former name is no longer what I am answering, I answer Mohammed as my new name,our chief and new instructor became fun of me I God gave favor in sight, one day he asked me whether I want to see my family in Michika I said yes.

The following day Oga Mohammed send me on errand to go and get him one of abducted women in the next camp which is close to Michika mountains, a walk of about fifty kilometers and I told myself I can trek thus far what will not make to escape, I told myself if I die,I die and if I live, in live. I trekked as faster as I could before I know it boosted in Michika where I still realised that the land is under the siege by Boko Haram. I look for where to hide for the next day, while its still a dawn I sneaked away through a route to Hong and from Hong to Yola IDP camp where I met so many of my town people in a pity situation. As I am talking to you I can find my wife and children.

I am now a repented member of Boko Haram, believe me I have never kill or follow them for any operations because they said I am an amateur that I did not finish my training and I can not follow them for that reason. I thank God that I escape and i pray for all of those in the camp to be free." Tumba said

There is many like stories of Mr Luka Tumba on how Boko Haram forcefully recruited Youths into the affairs of the dreaded group and negatively brain washed them to their command at the end some of them do highly regret joining the group.