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APC has sinister agenda with card reader: Fayose

By The Rainbow
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The energy being dissipated by the All Progressive Congress in

advocating for the use of card reader in the coming elections has been

described as another sinister motive of the party to cause confusion

during and after the election.
The Governor of Ekiti State, Mr Ayodele Fayose said this in a

statement made available to journalists by his Chief Press Secretary,

Mr Idowu Adelusi in Ado Ekiti on Thursday.
Fayose noted that APC is known for its penchant for promotion of

confusion and division in Nigeria for political gain even at the

expense of the well being and unity of the country.

He explained that in as much as the usage of the card reader is noble

the preparation of the INEC for it has been very poor which is

believed to be a conspiracy between the electoral body with the APC if

the agitation of the APC on the card reader is anything to rely upon.

Mr Fayose explained that INEC Chairman Professor Attahiru Jega has

told Nigerian that the card reader battery can go flat at most five

hour which means that unless there is alternative power supply the

machine will be rendered useless after the battery has gone flat.

The question now is that will the INEC provide power generators in

each of the poling unit in the whole country so that by the time the

battery is down the electoral officers could switch to the alternative

power; Without this the introduction of the card reader is nonsense.

The governor also said that Nigerian should know that INEC has never

hidden the fact that the card readers are internet base in delivery

and considering the fact that most of the Nigeria towns and villages

are not fixed with internet that means that the card can not deliver

until when it get to where there is internet to deliver its result

then it means that the usage would be a failure because a lot of

contradictory information would have dealt havoc on the entire

exercise before the card reader can deliver its results.

Fayose estressed that when the election in Ekiti and Osun States were

conducted the Independent National Electoral Commission didn't use the

card reader , APC did not cry wolf so also when the governorship

elections in Anambra and Edo States were conducted without card reader

APC didn't raise a foot but now that they know there is no way its

presidential candidate can win without rigging they want Nigeria to

see sense in the usage of card reader that had never be tested or

acknowledged to be free from manipulation.
“I can say boldly that the leadership of APC have hidden agenda in the

usage of the card reader that is why their clamour for it has been so

vociferous when they know abinitio that there is no way their patty

can win this election.”
“They are looking for preemptive excuses for violence during and after

the election so that they can gain some undue sympathy whereas the

usage of the card reader is not important to the election as the

availability of security which they campaigned against like hell on

The Governor posited that in all the recent elections where has the

use of card reader became a disputable discus to warrant the

unwarranted campaign for it by the APC saying that the party has left

campaign for their ailing presidential candidate, Major General

Mohamodu Buhari to card reader in which they believe could be

manipulated in their favour and when it fails to blame it on PDP or

President Goodluck Jonathan thereby their supporters can go to town

with their chaos.
He added that APC as a pary has never supported or advanced the course

of progress of Nigeria, rather the party enjoys seeing the nation in

crisis always that is why their recent clamour for the usage of card

reader gas further exposed their retrogressive antics.

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