Is Peeshaun's Money-Eating Photo 'Necessary'?

Source: Titilope Adeuja/

The Nigerian music celebrities are gradually coming up with the irritating knack for displaying foreign currencies on their different social media platforms. One of the Skuki duo, Peeshaun, displayed some foreign currencies in his hands and mouth! Why would he 'chop' the Dollars at all?

With the snap shot of the Nigerian musician 'eating dollars', was it really necessary for him to display the money as at this time that the Naira has devalued to all-time depth against the Dollar? He had the money in his mouth with his face all lit up because they just got 'paid'?!

According to fans, it is unnecessary to display so much amount of cash when he could have been so much appreciated if such monetary items were transferred into other less-boastful pictures. Living the good live is everybody's dream too.

Read some replies to the Peeshaun picture:

tubor11: "Laughing out loud.... Youu know real rich dudes do not flaunt cash right?"

donjazzysdna: "Bloody tissue paper."

mz_kaycollections: "You are showing off money, why can't u show off your own house, this is just stupidity."

ayamdrizzy: "@skukipeeshaun you ain't got no (you do not have any) life. You are here flaunting dollars you got from Internet fraud."

The likes of Chika Ike, Chinedu Ikedieze, better known as Aki to mention a few have also taken to the act of displaying their wealth. Chika Ike was slammed by film maker, Charles Novia and nearly got into a spat with the actress manager, Serah Donald raining insults.