As Jonathan, Pdp Move To Kill Igbo Race Through The Instrumentality Of Cbn

... Okonjo Iwuala Fingered

By Nwanum Chukwudi

While Nigeria continues to experience a downturn in her economy, it is becoming obvious that draconian fiscal policies of the present regime is targeted at killing the Igbos politically and economically.

As at today, It is incontrovertible that our Naira has become nothing but a toilet paper following devaluation of Naira and its concomitant killing effect on the economy. Naira sells at 250 for $1.

As if that was not enough, inflation as at today stands at about 8.2 %. It follows that all is not well with Nigerian economy though rosy for the capitalists who are busy buying off everything in sight.

Since Godwin Emefiele took over as the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, the centre of Nigeria Economy can no longer hold. It has been from one fiscal summersault to another.

In retrospection, during the reign of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi the immediate past Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, for his seeming patriotic posture, he was perceived as an enemy against the cabal and the government of Jonathan.

His first offense was his alleged vocal stance in the administrative fraud of President Jonathan led Federal Government. His second offense was his whistle blowing over the purported missing $20 million from NNPC remittance.

It must be observed that at no time was Lamido Sanusi, the present Emir of Kano, found wanting in delivering on the job as Nigeria experienced stability in its economy.

What is even more worrisome is the alleged plot to dislodge good spirited independent Igbo people who do not depend on government for their wealth but on commerce and industry. This has led to their exploit in international commerce. As it were, this is pretty a difficult period for every average Igbo trader or importer.

This inhumanity plot has already begun to tell harshly on our Igbo traders and those who rely in importation. The reality is that the people are not selling as prices of products have tripled. The horrific thing about the situation is that there is hope in sight as value of naira keeps noise diving.

The only people spared are those who have betrayed and seen to have taken as Project, President Jonathan's re-election bid. They are like warrant chiefs during the colonial era as they have yielded themselves to serve as saboteurs against their people. One of them is the former Governor of one of the South Eastern States. It that the same Gov. That colluded with the Federal Government that advised and colluded with the Federal Government to deceive Ndi Igbo with "Enugu Int'l Airport". As it stands today, Nigeria is paying heavily for few Int'l airlines that lands in that airport . That is the adduced reason for having only Ethiopian Airline and one other in that Airport.

One wonders one become of Ndi Igbo in the next six months. The said onslaught began with exorbitant import duties slammed on imported fairly used vehicle, which every effort is being made to stop its outright entry into the country.

Impeccable sources has it that the so called indigenous vehicle manufacturing firms are mere assembling plants with focus in plastic production. To worsen the matter, the outfits ate not being patronized by the a federal government especially the ones owned by Igbo industrialists.

The sources further disclosed that the war is nothing but to ensure that Igbos do not get off ground prevent their future hegemony. It was purported that the hatred towards Ndi Igbo is historical to extent they colluded during the Nigerian civil war for a total extinction of Ndi Igbo.

The unconfirmed source has it that in a bid to secure his home front, Jonathan has given his foot soldiers a matching order to ensure that Igbos are kept on the ground and the best approach to undo them is economically.

The team assembled to achieve these are capitalists of South-South extraction in the banking Sector headed by Okonjo Iweala. This again has raised question whether the removal of Sanusi hurriedly may not be unconnected with the said grand plan. It will be observed that it is only in Nigeria that we have the CBN boss who is not an economist. In thenworld practice, it is almost a norm that heads of the Apex Finance Institutions are Economists. He also represents a dreaded capitalist cabal in Nigeria.

It has also been revealed that those of Igbo extraction are all dumped under one umbrella where they plough some percentage of their earnings into the campaign. It is being infer that "Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria" is the likely umbrella, which remains the back bone of President Jonathan's campaign.

While the campaign has been so much drenched in divisive sentiments, one wonders what may happen when this unholy plot against Ndi Igbo ruptures. Little wonder those who are familiar with history are hell bent on having Buhari who despite his cradle, ethnic background has remained patriotic in all fronts.

May God Bless Nigeria!
Nwanum Chukwudi writes from Owerri

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