By Onyekachi Kalu

Our society is fast becoming an informed one on Fitness matters because; the quest for good health has become everyone's top priority these days.

Exercise is good for you but do you know how well? Do you even know why you should exercise? Have you ever wondered why so much emphasis is been laid on physical activities? Have you ever thought about the benefits that come with regular exercise? The benefits are unbelievable, regardless of your age, sex and physical ability. If you need more reasons why you should exercise then read on.

1. LONGEVITY: According to research, every minute of exercise could lengthen your life by seven minutes. Running for an hour could give you 9 hours of extra life, AMAZING!! Right? So, it is wise to engage in regular exercise if you desire long life.

2. ENJOY GOOD HEALTH: Regular exercise can help prevent and combat health conditions and diseases. If you hope to live without high blood pressure or worry about heart diseases, no matter what health challenge you want to take care of or prevent, exercise can take care of it.

3. EXERCISE CONTROLS WEIGHT: Prevent weight gain or achieve weight loss with regular exercise. Engaging in regular exercise enables you burn calories off your body, it will make you look slimmer, smarter and you will be filled with self confidence. Please contact us for details on Weight loss

4. BOOST YOUR SEX LIFE: As a married fellow it is recommended that you and your spouse should vividly engage in regular exercise so that your sex life will be explosive. This is one secret most couple doesn't know. Please consult your doctor for full detail on this matter.

5. GROW SPIRITUALLY: Your physical body houses your spirit, if the physical body is weak then there will be no house for your spirit. If spirituality is a concern to you then engage in physical activities regularly it will give a boost to your spirit. Confirm this with your spiritual leader and contact us for the right exercise that can boost your spiritual life.

It's been nice talking to you on this matter I hope it helps. Well, you can get more on fitness related matters at or simply send a mail to [email protected] or call +23408050862690, +23407032302157, follow @befitnaija. I remain your fitness instructor ONYEKACHI KALU.