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President Jonathan Is A Tragedy of Democracy; Lustful, Evil, He Is A Choice We Can’t Take.

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President Goodluck Jonathan is a pathological liar. In fact, he is the first President in our modern politics that can lie even in his sleep. His life style is uncanny and deliriously inhumane. I don't know why people still take him seriously. I have enjoyed taken unapologetic swipe on Obasanjo for giving us such a huge mistake. Four years isn't a joke. The damage is alarming and could be generational. He lied on all things; he is just a devil incarnate. There is no single truth, not in iota reference of him. I am really ready to take anyone on this.

Reading through his many lies again about the coming elections gives an illogical farce that I know won't survive unless we are just bunch of morons the Presidency thinks we are. The meddling with the affairs of INEC, the one of the few institutions that Nigerians should trust gives an ominous indication that the Presidency isn't sincere about conducting elections in 2015. This would anger anyone that has tasted development in developing countries, missing basis of democracy.

This is likely going to open another draconic debate between warring political ideologies. The good thing is, it will definitely achieve its aim, but only the intellectually sage person can translate without remedy to mischief. Nigeria project without extremely cast iron doubt is populism concentrated. The people are conscientious; more actively involved in passing comments and reeling blames having understood that conscience and silence are knotted principle that makes a thriving and sustainable democracy. Not many countries survived the tragedy of democracy in the hands of their political leaders unless they are actively veracious in the process and activities of government. Not even, in developing nations. This, I presume Nigerians soon realized and boom, there perception is re-awakening after the many lies turned tragedy suffered in our nascent democracy by our political leaders.

I have mentioned lies; Jonathans/Gejites would find the inkling insulting and probably ignore the basis. There is no need to take history on any journey; I will analyze the basis with clues from recent gaffe of Jonathan. Starting with his numerous and unfounded lies cum deceit that our modern understanding of government philosophy called failures.

Haven't he promised a more transparent and fair electoral process? Didn't he promise not to dabble in affairs of judicial system? Haven't we read he promised issue based campaign? What that means is nothing personal about what you want to do and what you intend doing for the people. It also means, the 2015 electioneering won't be confrontational to anyone not even the electorates, who dare that?

Didn't he promise an improved power? Do we have now electricity in full moon at least for 12hours a day in any part of Nigeria? Oh! Do I hear you say, the failure is peculiar to party in government?

Didn't he promise second Niger Bridge? But he is yet to make do his promise. How many of Jonathan empty promises do you have in your memory tackling corruption? We have had and always have his flimsy assurances to battle terrorism not knowing he has refused to equip our soldiers with ammunitions and weapons to curb the insurgency. Who is to blame? Who is lying? Why has he lied on the soul of many Nigerians? Are we settling for this lying bitch yet again against the backdrop of his failures and unfounded lies that have heaped tragedy and pain on us?

In honesty, President Jonathan is my worst nightmare that I wouldn't want to see beyond May 29, 2015.

The opposition and political analyst should begin to take his words with mere pitch of salt. This isn't the first time we would be having a chief executive promising something and doing the other. Obasanjo did it and the bridge didn't fall, Governors and Senators are doing it while we take solace and hold them accountable at a logical time like this, the electoral season is always momentum in memories. The fate of Nigerians in another 4years from local government to the Presidency begins with the choice we make. So, as an apostle of good governance and respect for democratic principle, I owe my country a duty of erecting accountable leaders through any laudable means I can think of and Jonathan isn't just an option. He is the worst tragedy of our democracy.

From Abuja last weekend I returned to Lagos through the available air metro of Emirate. As I landed at the Muritala Muhammed Airport, was a haughty smell that would arise anyone's fear the moment you take revolving attempt to make a stop at the airport extension. I had once read about the damning condition of Muritala “International” airport on Newspaper, the one that have ever ossify my worries was the piece Tolu Ogunlesi put together last year. The toilets, the flagship, the conveyor and the lifts that connect you to any route are all in bad and shabby state. There I wonder what the money hungry “TAN” Transformation Ambassadors are actually projecting about the President with pocket sticking lies. I also remember we had a Minister, a woman that loves her country and extended the affection through her sapping effort of service but won't negotiate her comfort in exotic cars, and have never hid her taste for luxury managing the aviation industry for more than 3years.

It means, it takes 5years of a mentally deranged person to identify failures and still want to associate, let alone canvass support for such after 5years in power.

In the wake of 2011 during President Jonathan electoral campaign was a file of some exciting electoral promises that look like a solution to our long run of ill luck in leadership. In total ninety one. The promises have proved to be a mirage that may never see any good light till the expiration of his tenure. The lists of the promises are not the focus but the many lies turned tragedy amidst tyranny spewed by Jonathan with no complicity.

Power; In 2012, President Jonathan jolted and rebooted our confidence coming bold and elegant with global assurance of fixing our power sector. He reminiscent-ally said, our power generation is facing rehabilitation of all existing power generation; distribution and transmission assets to give a minimum of 6,000mw of electricity; the harnessing of alternative sources of energy such as coal, wind and solar to generate an initial 13,000mw, and the unbundling of PHCN into 18 successor companies. As if the deceit hasn't suffered a huge condemnation enough, Jonathan had again gone sneaky, recently undertook a MoU with General Electric mostly to add up to 15 percent in power projects to achieve 10,000mw addition by 2020. Having done this, it is wisdom to expect the effect of this move but no, Nigerians aren't swayed, they understand the idea is motivated by desperation for 2015 election. Such political calculation is dead on arrival. Yes, dead and buried.

Nigerians are seeing his evil machinations rolling up his gladiator's sleeve. They don't have the interest of Nigerians. They are bridled by desperation to return to power.

Ofcourse, his desperation can be measured by the latest #Ekitigate saga. Nigerians can hear an army General saying he is under instruction to mastermind the rigging of Ekiti gubernatorial election and pervert the cause of justice. Perhaps a long narrative of his evil would suffice. Nigerians must be warned!

Maxwell Adegbenro writes from Lagos

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