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I Respect Etcetera’s Opinion On ‘Political Prostitute’ Article—Charles Novia

Source: Nathan Nathaniel/

Since stepping aside in the Nigerian music scene to giving writing a trial, singer,Etcetera,has lashed many with his various articles and in turn has received various attacks from the people involved.

Over the weekend, the singer put his pen to paper to lash out on the Nigerian entertainers thereby describing them as 'political prostitutes,' which did not go down well with those involved who have chosen not to respond.

But a very close friend of the singer, rapper M.I was quick to reply him making him know that he (M.I) knew how the singer started off but because he could not fit in the circle, he opted out to blast anyone he feels he can.

In helping set the records straight, Nollywood actor, producer and critique, Charles Novia, has delve into the situation help put some facts right to the singer.

According to Charles 13 paragraph note, stated that every entertainer had the write to choose any political party they feel is ok for them since they all want greatness for the country as every individual has been yearning for.

Below is the message;

1. I think Etcetera went a bit overboard by alleging that artistes are political prostitutes. Artistes also have political convictions.

2. Even if artistes get paid 'appearance fees'or any kind of fees for the candidates, their political proclivities are theirs to make

3. There is a difference between a political vocation and an artistic conviction. The bridge btw both is self-belief; a stand for something

4. So, if any of our stars believe they should stand behind a particular candidate, their choices must not be vilified. It is their right.

5.The artistes command a huge fan base which,tweaked with their political leanings,add value to the campaigns across parties. No neutrality

6. In the 2015 elections in Ngr, I don't think artistes should be neutral, paid or not. Be bold, come out and take a stand. It is your right

7. Saying artistes are paid for such endorsements and should not be taken seriously is akin to political intolerance. Theirs is to convince

8. The artistes have ONE vote, true but they MILLIONS of minds to sway. That is the nitty gritty. It is key for political calculations.

9. And really, no artiste FORCES anyone to vote against his/her wish. They endorse and YOU make your choice. That's how it goes.

10. I respect the choices of those actors and musicians making cases for GEJ and GMB. They are all Nigerians. They don't love Nigeria less

11. Our artistes worked hard to be where they are today under a commendable democratic creative space. Their choices must not be castigated

12. Artistes are part of the political maturity process. They too want either transformation or change. Let their March for either decide.

13. And Etcetera,I respect your opinion on this topic and admit you have a right to air it. Mine is to set facts straight as well. One love

thing that is down need fear no fall.
By: Fidel, Canada