Diaspora Nigerians have much to contribute to Nigeria advancement says Peter Obi.

By Elvis Iruh
Peter Obi addressing Nigerians in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Peter Obi addressing Nigerians in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Former Governor of Anambra State, Chief Peter Obi was in Amsterdam on 15th February 2015 to address Nigerians and dialogue with them on the state of the Nigerian state with opportunities for Nigerians to ask him any question of their choice. The event was coordinated by The Voice news magazine, African leading news magazine published in the Netherlands.

Close to 200 Nigerian professionals based in the Netherlands attended the dialogue meeting at Tulip Inn Riverside Hotel in Amsterdam. With few words of introduction, Mr. Obi told the Nigerians how please he was to see quite a large number of Nigerians leaving their Sunday resting time or church activities to attend this meeting. “It is appointer of interest and love for Nigeria which is the only country we can truly call our own”. He proudly told the audience, how much he loves Nigeria and how he choose not to live anywhere else but Nigeria and even his home place of Onitsha.

He used the occasion to give account of his eight years administration in Anambra State and how he has left the State richer than he met the state.

On the Nigeria situation, he debunked the claim that Nigeria is in crisis, “there is no crisis in Nigeria, what we have are the gains of democracy, the freedom of expression which has been denied to Nigerians by previous government”.

According to him, President Jonathan has put Nigeria back on the path of prosperity despite the challenges he has faced since coming to power. Many of the fight or criticisms against him is because of his effort to end the culture of god fathers in Nigeria body politics and those who have benefited from it or still benefiting are using everything at their disposal to fight the President and his government says Peter Obi.

Several questions were put to Peter Obi, among them, the issue of the President not addressing the nation on very sensitive matters being left to Dr. Rueben Abati, according to the Jonathan Mgbejume, 'the people elected President Goodluck Jonathan and they expect him to address them and not his media spokesperson”.

Also the case of Boko Haram insurgence and why the opposition leadership are not helping the present government to find solution. Obi's reply was that, it is not acceptable that APC and its presidential candidate in person of General Buhari has refused to support any effort of the government to tackle the problem of Boko Haram. “Why should he (Buhari) waits until he becomes the President to assist with intelligence to fight the Boko Haram? Could it be that they have another hidden agenda which is known to the Nigerian populace?

He also addressed the issue of corruption which actually started long before Jonathan administration and well known records even under Obasanjo administration, his advice is that the government need to establish and strengthen our institutions to curb corruption, make money less available to the people like it the practice in many advance society, then you will have cut down corruption by half.

He assured the people that all their contributions, suggestions and questions will reach His Excellency, the President of the federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan.

He appeals to Nigerians in the Netherlands to properly educate and inform their relatives and contacts at home to vote wisely and elect a man who has their children's interest and future at heart, he is ensured food security and proper education for the Nigerian child.

He says that President Goodluck Jonathan deserves another four years to complete his transformation agenda which he has started and the results are being felt around the country.

He left Amsterdam for the United Kingdom where he continued with his meet Nigerians dialogue activities.

By Elvis Iruh
Publisher, The Voice news magazine