Justice Forum (jeema) Tasks Gov’t: Arrest ‘real’ Murderers Of Muslims

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The Justice Forum-JEEMA has tasked the Uganda Government to find the 'real' killers of Muslim clerics and leaders as possible as it can.

This statement was made by the acting secretary General Omar D. Kalinge while visiting a widow of the late sheikh Mustapha Bahiga Hajati Phatuma Kaddu at Bwebajja –Entebbe, some 15 miles from the Capital Kampala.

Bahiga was the Kampala Chairman of Justice Forum-JEEMA. A political Organization that advocates for Justice, Economic revitalization, Education, Morals and Africa Unity.

In his words the furious Kalinge said that, when President Museven visited Mayuge recently and laid a wreath on the grave of the Shiat Sheikh Dr. Abdul Qadir Muwaya, he (the President) promised to arrest those who are behind the murder of the clergy men and other Muslim religious leaders.

"This implies that those who are in jail now are not the real culprits; let the Government use all the resources at its disposal to bring the real murderers to book".

There is a problem all over East Africa; Muslim leaders are being murdered not only in Uganda, but also in Kenya.

'Let the Uganda Government, together with our neighbors Kenya in particular and other friendly nations with superior means of investigation do some thing to this effect'. The furious JEEMA secretary demanded.

The Justice Forum high level delegation visited the Widow of Sheikh Mustapha Bahiga to show the brotherhood and strong ties that existed between this family and the Party and to assure the Bahiga family that JEEMA was responsible for their welfare.

In his words one of JEEMA Governor, Buganda Region Alhaji Moses Buwembo reiterated the party's commitment to supporting and helping the family of the deceased.

"Mustapha was our man who passed on, and no one can change that. We are therefore obliged to take up the responsibility of this house in the absence of our brother".

He urged the widow to accept Allah's will and to stay strong because we all belong to the creator and to Him we shall return.

The controversial JEEMA youth spokes person Abdnoor Kyamundu was among the people who visited Bahiga's family. He appealed to JEEMA members, Muslims and the general public, to support the family of the late Bahiga, especially the thirteen children who are in different institutions of learning.

The climax of a visit was a prayer 'Duwa' an Islamic supplication which was led by one of the JEEMA historical Sheikh Musa Mubiru Abdul salaam of Greenland home primary School an orphanage center situated at Nalukolongo -Kampala.

JEEMA also contributed a consignment of essential household items to the grieved family.

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