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Nigerians query donation of N135m to IDPs by Buhari's wife

By The Rainbow
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Nigerians query N135m donation by Buhari's wife to displaced persons in Adamawa

Nigerians have raised questions about the discrepancy between the claims of the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate, General Muhammed Buhari, that he was so poor that he borrowed the N27 million fee for his party's nomination form and the donation of N135 million by his wife to the Internally Displaced Persons.

The people want the source of the money used in making the donation.

According reports, these Nigerians revised the eyebrow following reports that Aisha, Buhari's wife, donated N135 million to Internally Displaced Persons in some areas in Adamawa State, Nigerians have called on her to explain the source of the money.

These Nigerians note that it was curious his wife could donate such a huge amount in the light of Buhari's claim to poverty.

Reacting to the donation, Omobolanle Olusola, a politician resident in Lagos State, wondered where Mrs. Buhari got the money when a few months ago, her husband claimed he had to borrow N20 million to enable him purchase the Expression of Interest form for the APC presidential primaries.

Olusola said: “Where did this woman get the money?
“As far as we know, Madam Buhari is not a business woman.

“If it is true the husband could not afford N20 million to buy the APC presidential form, how come she could boast of such an amount to donate to charity?”

Olusola said it is either Buhari had been lying to Nigerians about his wealth status or he is not a good family man, in which case he may lack the capacity to manage the whole country successfully.

Also speaking, Alhaja Shekinat Sulaimon, a businesswoman, also based in Lagos State, said the donation may have exposed the lies in Buhari's claims of modesty.

Admitting that the donation may have been done for a good cause, Alhaja Sulaimon is worried that the good intention may have been blighted by the belief of Nigerians that Buhari and his family are not rich enough to afford such an amount.

She said: “I am a woman and I have a husband.
“I do not think it is possible for my husband to go around borrowing money when I can afford more than what will solve his problems.

“It does not speak well of of the family.
“Even if Buhari borrowed the money he used to buy his nomination form from his wife, he should not have claimed he borrowed it from a bank as he said.

“It means he is lying and that is not good for his reputation.”

Another Lagos resident, Malik Abdulmalik, also took swipes at Buhari for claiming he was poor when in the real sense he may be swimming in wealth.

Abdulmalik said: “Now I remember this same man claimed he had to call his personal banker to make ready a loan of N27 million for the purchase of nomination form for presidency from his party.

“But just this morning I am waking up to news that his wife has donated N135 million worth of drugs to Internally Displaced Persons in Nigeria.

“How could she have had this amount of cash and allowed her husband to borrow to run for presidency? Or is it that she knows he is a failure?”

Recall that Hajiya Aishatu Buhari distributed drugs and other relief items worth N135 million to the Internally Displaced Persons at Damare and St Theresa Catholic Church camps in Adamawa State.

Aisha Buhari, who was accompanied by five APC leaders' wives, including former Plateau State Deputy Governor, Pauline Tallen; Judith Amaechi; Mairo Al-Makura; Toyin Saraki and former Women Affairs Minister, Hajiya Hajjo Sani, distributed drugs worth over N135 million to the displaced persons.

Buhari had expressed deep sympathy for the IDPs, saying she was deeply touched by their plight.

She said: “We cannot pretend not to see the situation you people are into.”

At the Damare NYSC Camp, which is the most populous camp in the state capital, Buhari's wife regretted that thousands of families were displaced by Boko Haram insurgents, attributing it to “lack of good leadership in the country”.

She added that human lives should not be toyed with for political gains.

She said: “I am not here for politics nor for religion but because we're really touched by the condition you found yourselves.

“We are here to share your grief.”
Mrs. Buhari urged Nigerians to embrace the opportunity of change coming to the nation as it is the only way out for the country to salvage itself from its current drift.

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