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Today's Nigerian Bloggers and pornographic contents

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An average Nigerian on daily basis finds a brand new reason to be lawless, which makes me to wonder if our constitution is just text book for those in law school and a ceremonial code of conduct that will quoted by 'some School Cert holders' in the Green Chambers.

We just advertise to the world that we are law abiding people when there is nothing on the practical to show for it. I had to turn off my expired GOTv because the only free channel NTAi was showing countless adverts of how General Mohammadu Buhari is terrible and lawless. None of these lovers of GEJ cared enough to make a documentary of the manifesto of the man who wants to rule Nigeria for the next four years.

The moment we agreed that it is politics and 'anything can go'; people in other sectors will wake up to the same guideline of anything goes.

I haven't been to the USA, but in the movies I watched, the Police would come to a crime scene and question people who are considered as eye witnesses without violating their human right but in Nigeria what do we get, massive arrests and sometimes they do it in rounds. How many times have these massive arrests provided the culprits? They just make money for themselves and yet bail is free.

The Ogas at the top are not doing well so the people following them are busy copying the same thing. For instance we have a law that was supposed to jail gays and lesbians in Nigeria, is it working? All na wash.

Bloggers on their own are not left and gone are the days when people see Nollywood as the only clueless sector. Now, there are people so far ahead of them. Politicians, telecommunication companies, musicians and then bloggers.

At least I listened to funny campaign rallies this year. I still receive text messages that I can be a physician or learn German through sms and now we can dance to songs which the fives lines in one verse have nothing to with eachother.

For the growing love for pornographic contents to be satisfied, some bloggers are now specialist in turning abstract pictures to reality. They post things that make me laugh and I begin to wonder the source of those pictures.

I have said it time without numbers that there is nothing like leakage in the Nigerian entertainment industry, anything that goes public, was meant to go public; so when you see a title like 'See what this pastor is doing with a female member in his office' just have in mind you are about to watch porn picture.

Have you ever asked yourself who took the picture if the pastor was actually alone with the lady in his office? These are just plots of the devil to fill our minds with evil and lust induced by pornography.

'Nude photos of Calabar runs girl goes public', click the links and you will see a faceless nude girl smiling at you. Tufiakwa.

How come she is only known as Calabar runs girl? Why didn't the person leaking the pictures take time to leak one with her face?

I don't want to see it as desperation, but these days, you will come to one blog and see contents in music/entertainment, religion, politics, health/relation tips and pornography. Everything goes and no one wants to specialize anymore.

All these are done for traffic and at the end of the day, one cannot remember making any positive impact in the society.

I am so sorry to say this, my problem is that our leaders are never serious, within this period, they are so engrossed with the election that they have forgotten their primary roles as the President, governor or lawmaker. I welcomed the recent comment by the National Security Adviser, Col. Sambo Dasuki (rtd), that Federal Government was considering banning and shutting down internet pornography in the country but the greatest challenge for Nigeria would never be making the law, but enforcing it.

Will their personnel even be as smart as the perpetrators of the act?

There is need for bloggers to kill the attitude of luring the public into believing that some abstract nude picture downloaded from a Nubian website represents one girl in a Nigerian City.

There are still newspapers/magazines in this line of business, they take time to make these things look like news and while people are busy reading, they will never have a clue of what they are doing to themselves.

We are creating pornography addicts and these pictures might even tempt someone to practice the real thing by releasing the nude pictures of their loved ones. I am so glad that no politician's nude picture was released this term and even though there have been some Photoshop tricks, the number is on the low.

So I call on the today's Nigeria bloggers who are seeking for traffic; there are other angles you can take to achieve success in blogging and come to think of it, who pays you for this destruction you are inflicting on the young minds in Nigeria.

I am looking forward to the day Google will be able to withdraw their advert programmes from pornographic website and another thing is that these bloggers should be preparing for life without pornographic contents because should that law be made, it is either shifting to another angle or total shutdown for them.

The time to act is now.
Chinedu Hardy Nwadike, is a novelist, blogger, newspaper columnist, he writes from Owerri, Imo State. [email protected] 08038704454, BBM 53247BA4

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