Stop Meddling In Muslim Affairs — Ugandan Mufti Blasts Gov’t

Mufti Ramadan Shaban Mubajje,adressing Muslims at U.M.S.C.Photo by:Umaru weswala.
Mufti Ramadan Shaban Mubajje,adressing Muslims at U.M.S.C.Photo by:Umaru weswala.
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By: Abubakar Sematimba
The Mufti of Uganda Sheikh Shaban Ramadan Mubaje has blasted the Uganda Government for meddling in the affairs of Muslims.

“I don't see why a non-Muslim should interfere in purely Muslim affairs, leave us to resolve our issues,” he said.

The Mufti was presiding over a unity function of Muslims, at the head quarters of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) in the capital Kampala. It was a special unity Jumah prayer, unusually bringing together Muslims of different sects.

Hundreds of thousands of Muslim faithful from different parts of the country attended the event. It was also blessed by the Grand Mufti of the Republic of Burundi Sheikh Abubakar Sengora.

The faithful started ascending to UMSC headquarters hill as early as 7:00am, openly neglecting a call from the only remaining rival faction of Kibuli headed by Supreme Mufti Sheikh Zubair Kayongo. Kayongo's controversial spokesperson Hassan Kirya had advised Muslims to boycott the event.

Gaddafi Mosque filled to capacity
It was one of those rare days that the magnificent mosque which was built by late Libyan leader Muamar Gadafi, was packed to capacity leaving no breathing place to the people who came to witness this historical event.

The huge mosque with its furnished ventilation and air conditioners almost seized to function.

Some one had no where to pass, breathing becoming nearly possible. The faithful prostrated on each other during the prayers as history was in the making. You could only see people punching in the air raising their voices Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar—Allah is the greatest.

'Satan has been ashamed today, whoever wanted this not to happen it has happened,' said UMSC programs coordinator Sheikh Anas Ssesimba.

After Juma prayers and talks from the acting head of the Tabliqs, Sheikh Yahya Mwanje, Amiru Daula Sheikh Kakeeto, Spidiqa foundation Head Sheikh Mubiru Mugerwa, the Mufti stood and addressed the gathering.

He started by commanding his followers to raise the voices for Allahu Akbar.

“Say it, even if the roof of the mosque breaks off—so be it,” he said.

Also the Burundian Mufti had chance to greet the congregation. In his address, Mufti Mubaje said:

'I thank you all for responding to the call of Quran and then my call, thank you for coming back home where you belong, at one stage you wanted to forcefully come back here but you failed,' causing laughter to the listeners.

The Mufti was referring to one incident when the Tabliq Muslims wanted to come and over throw him from the council headquarters accusing him of miss appropriation of their property but they were tear-gassed and blocked by the police.

'We do not allow people to pass in windows, you must use the front gate, that is why today you are seeing no obstacle to you, that must be the organized way of doing things,' the Mufti urged the Muslim congregation.

He blasted those who were ill-advising people not to come for unity prayer citing 'principle' as an underlying factor, the Mufti asked which principle are you talking about when you have forsaken my leadership from day one since 2000, and let me challenge you: “was this place like this 14 years back?”

He prayed for late Col Gadafi soul for eternal peace as well as for President Museveni. He ardently reminded to also pray for the late Ugandan president Amin who gave out this land where the first Mosque was built some 40yrs back.

Mufti Mubaje used the opportunity to ask for forgiveness from Muslims wronged by some of his shortcomings—. 'I'm not an angel; I'm just your servant,' he said.

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