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Nigerians Are Useless


Good afternoon, will try to keep this as short as possible even though its like a pinch from a bag of rice. I am a PURE BLOODED NIGERIAN. I am not political neither religious but I believe in morals, truth and being realistic to the situation going on in our democratic private firm called Nigeria. So whatever I'm about to say now is not because I'm standing for nor against any political group whatsoever.

Earlier this morning, I saw a meme on BBM about a statement General Buhari made in 1984 quoting “Nigerians are useless” and how can a man who thinks that way rule us with respect. I researched further only to see he actually said more like “Nigerians are senseless and indiscipline”. First of all, I must say great truths start off as blasphemy. Although he might have sounded less diplomatic and brutal with that statement which I have come to see as the truth. Nigerians despise the truth, feed them with lies and give them a penny, they call you messiah.

I am from a country where its populace has lost trust in the Government system and as such a man can easily sell his vote for carbohydrates. A country where a man sells his future for a bottle of Beer lager, so tell me isn't that useless? No doubt all this are caused by disbelieving in the Government like people do say “why vote when we already know the outcome” and as such deprive themselves of a good and benefiting future. Any man who knows his problem but fails to identify with it is useless. Any man who sees a thief that robbed him at night but refuses to identify him by day will definitely be robbed again and that indeed makes him senseless. Trust me when I say that is the situation we face in my country Nigeria.

There is no perfect man alive neither can they be any perfect politician. Opposite parties supporters are quick to point out how much people stole during their tenure in power. Trying to point out who is good and who is not, trust me when I say that's like Pizza calling Burger junk. The change i seek is people tired of hearing lies, people who understands the truth and won't deny it rather than believing in promises from parasitic politicians telling us beautiful lies every time, how they sail ships on land, chew stones; story for the gods. Still we fall prey and grumble all through the year, pathetic, very pathetic indeed.

Sometimes I ask myself when are we going to put our ethnic, religious, selfish and cultural differences aside, deal with the real issues in our faces and seek change. Forget about that one man running for President and think about our country. Change is that melancholic person who is honest and truthful to him or herself and the situation around them first. One can only see a solution when they have cared enough to know the core problems. Look around you numbly and tell me what you see is not senseless and makes you feel like we deserve more as a nation? We need a human vacuum cleaner to cleanse the political floor our Government have been limping on now and not later.

This is 2015, we need to decide what our scale of preferences are exactly or just stay lost and confused like we have always done. Its high time we stop waiting on heaven to do this for us as God won't do for men what they are expected to do for themselves. We can not be too cowardice to seek what we rightfully deserve - right to good governance. We are the most populated and hard working black country on the face of the Earth but we are known for redirecting our anger, action, justice and talent towards the wrong path. Running in circle from the main issues on our doorsteps will only make it bigger of an issue in the long run.

Suffering and smiling is the norm of a typical minority Nigerian. Is this how we were made to be or is this us accepting that fate by failing to realize that we have being useless and senseless all this years? We are the future, the future of the Black race, let us for once do the right thing by voting for that change.

I am Eric and I am a Black man with a Bright mind.

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