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Joel Elijah- Electoral errors and religiosity

By Ali Adoyi

This is a desperate and urgent call that the brethren in Christ are about to make the greatest error of their lives by selling off their kingly heritage for a mess of pottage called "change".

Change into what? Change as in what happened to Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Algeria and Turkey which were once flourishing Christian countries but because the brethren there also sold their souls on the premise of "it does not matter" they became the last set of Christians in those countries!

Remember Turkey? It was the beautiful country with a Christian population! Today it is history! The foundation of the planned islamisation of Nigeria was taken in 1989 in Abuja by OIC. Since then they have not looked back!

Our Government gave them a contribution of 21 billion dollars then! Wonder then where the funding of boko Haram is coming from? They have painfully now infiltrated one of the biggest denominations in Nigeria and offered one of our Pastors -a Professor, a Vice presidential Slot!

Now a large community of that denomination now promotes this "change"! They did it in Turkey! Remember brethren that the Christians in the North – are being wiped out! Our churches burnt. You may say that it is the North it can't get here! They said the same thing in Sudan, Libya, etc! How come the brethren have become so dulled in the Spirit that they no longer are sensitive?

We may be the last Christians in Nigeria if this grave error we are about to commit is not averted! Our Lord Jesus is greatly miffed by our irresponsibility as His Followers! How come we no longer hear Him! How come that Christians have forgotten that this country was made ungovernable by these same people and Christians are holding the wrong person responsible? How come? The signs of the eventual Islamization of Nigeria are awash in the 1999 constitution where Islam, Sharia are mentioned more than 100 times. Not a single mention of Church or Christianity! You say it does not matter. Now, mark it you cannot amend the constitution without a bitter pogrom!

Brethren, the night is here! We must contend for the faith and our heritage which was handed once and for all to us by our maker!

Don't relent, sound this trumpet. We will not be the last Christians in Nigeria! Amen.

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