Buhari Victim Or Villain?

By: Niger Delta Youth Coalition For Change (ndycc)


The man General Muhamadu Buhari has remained an enigma, with many yet to fathom the true depth of his character. A very few still dare to see him in a positive light, while a vast majority will prefer to view him from a prism of negativity, considering the many controversies that has dogged his name. Others are just neutral in their overall evaluation. While some see him as Islamic fundamentalist, weak and aged for want of a better euphemism, others perceive his docile nature to be a red herring, beneath which lies a diabolically cunning mind. A more apt evaluation will conjure up an image of a man thrown into a ring with more formidable opponents. Analogous to an experienced gladiator in an arena who has the basic idea of survival, talk more of emerging victorious, and has to depend on the urgings of the spectators, and whenever he receives a knock has to rely solely on his primal instinct.

It remains an arduous task for Buhari to ingratiate himself with the public. More so, it has become difficult to support him without some form of empathy to his person with desire for change and love for a new Nigeria. However it is also not possible to castigate him without being deliberately prejudiced, ethnocentric and religious sentiment to his person too. So whichever way you look at it, the man Buhari is as innocent as you are, and as guilty as the rest of them.

His attitude towards combating corruption which has been his greatest positive trait hitherto, only further reveals the true nature of the man. The fact that a lot of corrupt politicians in the ruling party are still walking as free men is sure a time for well meaning Nigerian to support Buhari in the fight against corruption to that assertion.

To objectively assess and understand the man Buhari, it is pertinent to evaluate Obasanjo's tenure that also fought corruption, flagrant abuse of power, and disrespect for the rule of law, imposition of arbitrary decisions, political victimization and constant witch-hunting of perceived enemies as observed with the government today. Compare 'Yar'adua, a helpless victim of his ailing health, an unwilling participant in the PDP macabre dance via “PDP most win a do or die thing” agenda. One thing must be said for him though; he was a good man at heart. Never could hurt a fly, gave us rule of law But his ailing health failed him, and Nigeria found itself for the first time since Queen Elizabeth II relinquished power in the hands of a matriarch. Inexperienced, but firmly resolute in her conviction to hold the mantle of leadership for her moribund husband, till death do them part a direct slight and an aberration to the overblown egos of the ruling class, an anomaly which had to be corrected. Of course the constitution was unambiguous in regards to who should step in at that point. “Jonathan”. An unfit, underserved benefactor, whose only claim to power is a life full of serendipity, having an uncanny ability to be at the right place at the right time.

“Aggrandize yourself and thank me later”. With personal ambition, fuss, and impunity, this became the bane of Jonathan's administration. While it is very okay to criticize and lambast Jonathan for underperformance, it is also very pertinent to acknowledge the fact that is wife Dame Patience Jonathan is the one running this administration i.e. her nominating a boxer in the Nigeria Army who has no firm knowledge of artillery warfare or intelligence, Major-General Kenneth Minimah who hails from Rivers State as the Chief of Army Staff, saboteurs within the administration, incessant attack and killing of our soldiers and blackmail from officers e.g “must face BokoHaram with inferior weapons or face court marshal” to be sentenced to death… etc. No government has ever had to deal with such amount of negativism in the history of Nigeria. The masses being the victim of such Shenanigans will readily pitch tent with PDP or any agenda to support the president. Using the NTA media as a projector, social media czars i.e. the bloggers, political analysts have all ganged up with the President to eviscerate Buhari's true character, making him look an insensitive presidential candidate. Suffice it to say, that his recent attitude, campaign and choice of running mate lends credence to that notion. An imperviousness which could be excused to the natural inclination of a man who has chose to conduct himself in defiance to all the forces trying to bring him down. A victim made to look like the villain.

Buhari for President: Change is Here and Now!
God Bless Nigeria
Comrade Annie Anthony
President (NDYCC)