2015: Defend Yourself, Biafran Group Tells Igbos  

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The Biafra Liberation and Emancipation Movement has called on Igbos

everywhere in the country to implore self defence mechanisms in view of

threats by some northerners and Niger Delta ex-warlords ahead of the 2015

general elections in the country.
Rising from an expanded assembly held at Zodiac Hotel, Rangers Street,

Independent Layout in Enugu, the group said they were compelled after

observing deliberations of the Niger Delta ex-ward held at Yenegoa which

discussed very important issues bordering on the survival of our democracy

and continual co-existence as a nation to hold an emergency session where

it was unanimously agreed that members should rise to adopt,endorse and

uphold the self defense strategies being implored by the freedom fighters

in the creek to protect President Goodluck Jonathan and their resources.

The movement said it is only wise for an average Igboman and his

properties who have been the principal target of every form of

ethno-religious crisis in Nigeria to take cautions to avoid unnecesary

lost of lives and properties ahead of threats by some neo-feudalists to

seize power through the back door.
They stated that while its deliberations was still ongoing, the news came

again from Minna in north central Nigeria that campaign vehicles of

President Goodluck Jonathan were on fire, an action which they view as a

premeditated sinister motive to achieve earlier threats by some highly

placed opposition leaders in the country to form a parrallel government

should one of their own fail to clinch the presidency at all cost.

According to the President-General of BLEM, Marshal Obumneme Ozoani and

others who signed the communique, some neo-feudal warlords have found the

All Progressive Congress and its strongholds as a breeding ground to

actualise their evil ambition against the good people of Nigeria and

therefore warned that no more shall the blood of an Igbo used as a

sacrifice to satisfy the thirst of an average northerner for violence,

stating clearly that the South-east has remained too quite since the end

of the civil war to swallow further injustices and maltreatment by other

majority groups in the country who believe in
violence,intimidation,coercion, threats and crude force as a means of

acquiring power to preside over the affairs of others in the country.

The statement further warned that the conspiracy of the north-west and

north-east 1990 through one Ogah to proclaim and exercise itself as a

territory from Nigeria has crippled into the north central as a launching

pad for violence against other ethnic minorities and Nigerians are

implored to rise up against these new warlords who are momentarily

reacting to their depression, ignorance and frustration to appropriate the

resources of this nation to themselves and allies as they have always done

in the past.
“We make bold to unequivocally state after carefully observing, analysing and

deliberating on the resolution of the Niger-Delta ex-warlords to protect its

citizenry and our nascent democracy, the congress wishes to unanimously

endorse and uphold all critical resolutions of the Yenegoa convention for

self protection and defence of the every Igboman in Nigeria during and

after the 2015 general elections.”
“The Igbo nation has remained the principal targets of hoodlums during every

ethno-religious crisis that took place in Nigeria after independence which

clearly suggest some conspiracy against the Igbos by north leaders to

pursue an agenda against our people, we hereby reinstate our commitment to

the growth of Nigeria's democracy, however would not allow neo-feudalism

to ruin our hard earned achievements in the name of winning elections at

all cost despite the free democratic landscape being provided by the

constitution for every Nigerian to aspire to the highest office in the

“We forbid the blood of any Igboman to be spilled during or after the

elections and on this premise we call on the northern traditional rulers

to call their children to order or equally get ready to confront us as

they continue to draw the battle line,” the statement also added.

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