Certificate scandal: We Muslims must speak up now by Umar Abubakar PhD

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This certificate scandal of Maj-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari has really opened the eyes of many. Initially, some of us in the north thought that Goodluck Jonathan in his desperate move to remain in power beyond 2015 wants to use this certificate issue to shut out our champion, Buhari.

But from every indication, the opposite is the case. It's an understatement to say that I'm ashamed of being a Muslim and be supporting Buhari. Islam is not about lies and evil. Islam is a true religion based on peace and unity.

For over a month, Buhari is yet to provide his certificate and remove the shame he has painted on us, his diehard supporters. I mean, how difficult is it for Buhari to instruct WAEC to send a copy of his certificate to INEC, not to Premium Times? Is this so difficult? He doesn't need to travel to do this. The time he used in Press Conference is the same opportunity he would tell WAEC to kindly send his certificate to INEC. By so doing, the whole world would know that he is truly a man of integrity and incorruptible.

Organizing a Press Conference with the aim to release a shabbily prepared Statement of Result is not ideal, especially when the CERTIFICATE is there with WAEC. Or is the Statement of Result more valuable than the CERTIFICATE?

For 2 days now, I have thought about everything I held Buhari at high esteemed thinking that he was being victimized by the lucifers in PDP, but I was wrong. I have come to a solid conclusion that he has been lying to us, his ardent supporters. I am ashamed to say this, but I must say it. I must describe Buhari in 6 words:

1. FRAUD – he entered the army without any certificate but rose to the rank of Maj-General taking salaries and pensions which he didn't merit.

2. COUPIST – he was the arrowhead in ousting Gowon in 1976 as well as Shagari in 1983.

3. LOOTER – I now believe the $2 billion in midland bank Fela sang about.

4. BIGOT – He jailed politicians that are not from his ethnic group or how could one explain why Shagari wasn't jailed but Ekwueme was. He feels so proud that he executed 76% of PTF projects in the north, neglecting even our Muslim brothers and sisters in the Southwest.

5. LIAR – He maintains that Abacha didn't steal just because he followed Abacha and looted Nigeria dry. He claims to have N1m in his bank account, yet his children are in the UK schooling where millions of naira are paid as Tuition fees.

6. FORGER – this one is causing me depression. I can't believe that Buhari has no single certificate, instead of him to open up, he went and forged one.

We have no option than to stick with Jonathan till 2019. Buhari has messed us up walahi!

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