Buhari, Kwankwaso feud  will affect APC's chances – Party chieftain

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The All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari, has been advised to learn from history and adopt more democratic posture in his political outings or risk his presidential bid.

This call was made by the National Coordinator of Concerned APC Stakeholders, Alhaji Mohammed Bashir, in Kano while addressing newsmen.

Bashir made this observation after Buhari's visit to Kano State, where the presidential candidate received an overwhelming reception, but refused to acknowledge the APC governorship flag bearer, Alhaji Umar Ganduje, as is the usual practice.

Bashir warned that such behaviour could bring about division within the party.

Buhari had refused to recognise Ganduje because he was not the retired general's choice for the governorship ticket.

Bashir warned that if this continues, the party may loose the state in the general elections.

While reminding the former presidential candidate of the Congress for Progressive Change of the experience “where he forced one of his loyalists, Col. Jafaar, on the people even as Mohammed Abacha was the preferred candidate, which cost him the elections”, Bashir further explained that the general interest of the party should be supreme and not personal ego as been portrayed by Buhari in his political outings.

Speaking further, the party stalwart added that the divisions within the party should further strengthen it and not divide it, stating that the reason behind the Kano incident stems from an underground feud between Governor Raiu Kwankwaso's followers (Kwankwasiya) and those from the Buhari camp (Buhariya) over the leadership of the party in the state.

He blamed the crisis on rumour mongers who have began accusing Kwankwaso of instigating the recent certificate scandal to ensure Buhari is substituted for another Northerner, which most likely would have been him.

He said the detractors of the party had already gone to town that Kwankwaso's usual nocturnal meetings was for scheming to unseat or eventually betray Buhari.

While also emphasising his dedication to the party and its subsequent victory in the polls, Bashir however warned that “unless all rivalries are forgotten and the actors move on, the party is doomed to fail”.

Bashir added: “I wish to state without stammering that the All Progressives Congress is the party to beat come February 14.

“However, unless all rivalries are forgotten and the actors move on, the party is doomed to fail.

“It does not matter if Rabiu had contested against Buhari or feels he is better than him.

“The comments of 2010 when he called Buhari a serial coupist should not be on the front burner now.

“Let's forge on as one United front.”
Meanwhile there seems to be underground tension in the party as there has arisen a sharp division between the cult like following of Kwankwaso, who feels slighted by Buhari, whose followers are also uneasy with the governor whom they claim has never loved the party's presidential flag bearer and is playing the spoiler for the party.

Speaking further, Bashir said: “This is a worrisome scenario that shows that those of us who came from the Peoples Democratic Party would have no place in the scheme of Buhari's affairs when eventually voted into office as president of the country.

“General Buhari must learn to rise above this myopic reasoning each time he gets the opportunity of leading the party and not further use the present setback to deepen bitterness and acrimony within the rank of our great party.

“There is no better commitment that he would protect the interest of many who have joined the fold to fight as a united opposition and the party must avoid shutting its door against other people because of old grudges.”

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