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This article explains, based upon the author's experience, techniques used successfully to contact the other side.

Not everyone needs to channel the after-life or other realms. Most seek closing or information. Only your heart knows what to do.

ADVICE- only ask to contact a specific person or being that is for your highest and greatest good. Ask that Archangel Michael and your guardian angels or spirit guides to protect you from all harm and ill will during the contact and help you with understanding the information during the contact. If you follow these words you will not be harmed and you will learn something from the contact.

Before you start any spiritual connections, you should open your spiritual portal. You only have to do it once because after that you will open and close it each time during a session by touching your hand to your forehead.

Allow 10-15 minutes for the process. To open it get in a meditative state for 5 minutes then state the following prayer. Then meditate on the words for another 5 minutes. You will then be attuned for opening and closing your spiritual portal.

The Prayer to open your portal (done only once): I ask that my spiritual portal be cleared and opened for spiritual connections for my highest good. That this expanding and opening of my spiritual portal only allow spirits for my highest good to come forth. I ask that I will be guided and protected during my spiritual contact and have contact only with spirits that I seek for information and guidance. That I receive this information with clarity and understanding in a form I can understand. I ask that this spiritual portal be open each time I touch my forehead with my right hand before spiritual contact and for the portal to be closed when I touch my forehead again with my right hand after the contact is over. So it is.

Prayer to contact spirits (done every time afterwards): After initial opening of spiritual portal this can always be done. Get in a meditative state. Intend to contact (name of spirit). Ask your source, God, higher power or whatever your belief for your protection and well being during the session. Ask for a white or a golden healing light to surround you and fill the room. Ask for wisdom and guidance throughout this session. Ask that this session will only be for your highest good. Touch your forehead with the right hand to open the portal. Await contact. You may feel cool temperature, energy flooding over you, see something in your mind's eye. This is the contact. Spirits often talk telepathically. Listen and ask questions. When done, give thanks to the spirit. When finished touch your forehead with the right hand again to close the contact. Write everything down and ground yourself.

Once contact is made initially, it will be easier to contact the other side again. It will also be easier for them to contact you.

What proof is there that this works? Here is my experience:

'I was contacted by someone I knew today who died in a car crash in 2005. She needed help along her spiritual journey. The contact was via my minds eye. More proof to me that we don't really die. Our earth bodies die but we move to another realm accessed via the minds eye and the heart. She appeared in her earth body shape but the face was the most clear, the rest was kind of apparition-like. It was a positive contact. My mind always thinks after life contact is scary and so does my body but my heart knows the truth. It was actually a very positive experience, because we had a positive experience in life before she died. It is the same conversation, the same personality, the same memories, just different dimensions. I sent her Reiki to assist her and the Reiki flowed!  Reiki and telepathic contact (prayer/meditation initiate this) both exist in our realm and the other realms. They are all different vibrations of light. Light exists everywhere in the macrocosm and the microcosm.'

When people pass over they only lose their bodies, everything else is intact. If they liked you in life, they like you on the other side. If they didn't like you, they still don't like you (but through forgiveness Higher Powers can intercede and protect you).  That is why it is so important to make amends in life and forgive as much as possible. You can change emotions/thoughts better on earth. As a body you are more than just emotions/thoughts. Without a body that's a lot of what you are.

Source: The information is based upon the author's own experiences using the techniques adapted from Steve Murray's Reiki the Ultimate Guide Volume One, Chapter 10.

This article taught how, based upon experience, the author successfully used techniques to contact the other side.