Blame Artistes, Nigerians For Vulgar Music Videos—Top Video Director, Unlimited LA

Source: Titilope Adeuja/

He is relatively new in the business of music directing and has gone on to produce some of the finest video productions in the Nigerian music industry which have also won some awards. Olalekan Busari in the real name of the director behind the name featured on Nigerian music video as Unlimited L.A.

He recently spoke about the world of music directing, the need to travel out of Nigeria to shoot videos and who inspired him into the profession.

Here are some excerpts:

How did you get into music video production?

Sincerely I did not go into any film school because I finished from Lagos State University, Computer Science and Mathematics but I have a cousin who is a big brother and he's name is Dj Tee. During my years in school, I was always going to his place weekends, so we go on set together. That is where I started developing my talent.

This days the music is always about the females shaking their butts, naked girls; what is your message with all of that?

It is the same song… it comes from the song first. We Nigerians love the trend of what is going on. We get to get the same particular kind of songs. So artistes will come and say 'I want this kind of video… It really not our (directors) fault because our customer who are our client and in this case, they are the artistes and as a business man, you cannot say no to what they want.

How do you get these video vixens?

We work with professionals. So when the idea comes, we tell them 'this is what you (will be) doing and we are good to go.

Why the idea of flying outside Nigeria to shoot and produce videos?

There are some things that are hard to get here in Nigeria when it comes to location, type of camera, speed boats. But outside the country, I think it is easier for us.

Have you travelled outside the country to shoot video?

Yes, of course!

Do you turn down upcoming artistes because your videos are of the big artistes so far?

It is the song… I do not turn down upcoming artistes because I like working with upcoming artistes. I like to show case the upcoming artistes especially when you are talented. But I turn down songs because I like good songs. Good songs that I will play and I will get attached to almost immediately. I could nod my head to.

Artistes you have worked for?

In Nigeria, I have worked with almost all the artistes there is.

Are you married?

I am not married but I am in a relationship.

How are you giving back to the society?

What I am doing right now is that I am training younger on cinematography for free. I am working with 17 people.

How do you deal with ladies advances who want to date you for the job opportunities because you are a video director?

I am used to it. I have been with Dj Tee for like five years so have some experience before I started off. I used to the female drama.

What is your industry doing to help formalized this job as a guild viz-a-viz the falling in price of crude oil so that people can aspire to be a part of it?

I don't think that is in place yet. We (video directors) are all friends though, but there is no association yet.

What other projects are you working on?

I am working on just basically music videos and other African collaborations.

How similar is music directing to movie directing?

Sometimes when you hear I song, you would know if it needs to be scripted with drama sequencies. Some are just montage videos, just performances. It is very different from movies.

How much is your cheapest video work?

Well I have to listen to the song first before I charge. I need to like the song first.

Do you have links with other music video directors outside Nigeria too?

I have links with some directors from South Africa, Ghana and London too. We chat on the new cameras, new software – 'how good are they? are they better than other ones?'

Would you allow your children go into the industry?

Yes, if they are passionate about it.