Students at Maximum Efficiency As Unilorin Set Dates For Exam

By Afolabi Aminat

After months of intensive academic work, the period in which the ability and progress of students are put to test is around the corner for students of the University of Ilorin. The first semester examinations for 2014/2015 academic session are scheduled to commence on the 26th day of January 2015.

It is believed that the most effective way to overcome academic related stress and anxiety towards exams is for students to be fully prepared. According to Muibudeen Abdulazeez, a 400level physics student, examination is the topmost form of trial and tests for students, most especially during academic sessions, hence the need for adequate preparation. Irrespective of scholastic standing, the mere mention of 'examination' is breathtaking for students, and it raises level of awareness and alertness.

Most Unilorin students are making prompt preparation for the forthcoming exams. It is crucial to note that all forms of exam malpractice is prohibited in the University; the institution takes strict disciplinary actions against such acts. Therefore, any student that fails to prepare for exam is definitely on the path to failure.

In his own views, Kehinde, a 400level Chemistry student believes there is no such thing as wonders or miracles to passing excellently without working hard. The golden secret to having good grades is to devote time to studying and paying maximum attention to every detail when preparing for exams.

In such times, students are in high spirits and highly focused. The rate at which student burn night candle increased exponentially and activities on campus is round the clock every day. Although campus life can be interesting, most students don't really like exam period for reasons not farfetched; it is a period of maximum concentration and focus. For this, students do say “school is sweet, na exam spoil am” meaning that school would have been completely awesome without exam.

Quite a number of students dislike exam period due to the heightened level of pressure mounted on students and most activities on campus are brought to a halt. Itie, a 200level History Education student doesn't seem like such periods and can't wait to see end of exams. Exam season also records increased interpersonal relationship among students as most students study with peers and groups. On personal upkeep, reading is believed to consume energy, this is the major reason for some students to cook much food and eat more while some save enough money to buy food ensuring that they eat well when they are preparing for exams. This is necessary to avoid health-related problems and enhance assimilation and concentration.

The university makes it a priority to ensure academic excellence among students, thus the University library is opened for 24hours starting a week before examinations commence and throughout the exam period. The motive is to provide required study facilities and conducive reading environment for students.

I'm wishing all Unilorites the very best in their examinations.

Afolabi Aminat, 400level Chemistry
Gmail:[email protected]