When Imo People Endorsed Jonathan, Ihedioha

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By Dr Austin Uganwa
Last Saturday President Goodluck Jonathan embarked on what seemed like a

triumphant entry into Owerri , Imo state capital for a grand political

rally. The rally was organized principally for him to flag off the

People's Democratic Party (PDP) campaigns ahead of the 2015 General

Elections. The event was profound and symbolic amid trappings of wide

ranging endorsement by the people.
By 11 am, sea of heads had streamed into Dan Anyiam stadium, venue of the

event and the place was accordingly boisterous. They exuded unprecedented

excitement and contentment even after waiting hours for the arrival of the

President who came to Imo from neigbouring Anambra state. It was an

eloquent show of solidarity which Imo people demonstrated to President

Goodluck Jonathan who came to seek their support for his re-election bid

As he disembarked from his official vehicle and sauntered into the waiting

crowd at past 4 pm the enthusiastic Imo people surged towards him. They

followed him as he moved briskly round to exchange greetings with some

political leaders in the state. Jonathan exuded strikingly pleasant mien

cutting a picture of one at home with his people and supporters.

His wife, Dame Patience Jonathan who addressed the crowd in persuasive

Igbo language drove the point intrinsically home. In her rising and

falling melodic voice, she gave Imo people several reasons why they

should endorse her husband, in so doing, voting massively for him

during the presidential election.
In attendance, comportment, instantly recognizable warmth and incomparable

but amazing reception, Imolites clearly and collectively made an

unmistakable statement . The statement being that President Goodluck

Jonathan is their own and therefore seen by them as sole presidential

candidate. To them any other presidential hopeful seeking their support is

wasting time
Imolites were largely gratified when President Jonathan identified some

of his legacies in the state and the country at large. These include; the

dualization of Owerri-Aba Road; rehabilitation of Owerri- Portharcourt

Road; building of Integrated Power Plant; construction of second Niger

Bridge; education reform and establishment of additional 12 Federal

Universities and several others. On several occasions during the rally the

people evidently and accordingly demonstrated their collective willingness

for him to stay on for another four years to consolidate the gains of his

The rally was indicative that Imo in harmony is still a PDP state in spite

of the interference of the APC government. In the face of this

realization, the over 95 percent votes which Imo people bequeathed

President Jonathan in 2011 would be repeated this year and even in greater

It is also obvious that Imo people are set to vote out Governor Rochas

Okorocha, known by many Imo people as 'Aboki' in the Douglas House in

Owerri, in preference to a more credible, visionary leader, the PDP flag

bearer, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, Deputy Speaker, House of Representatives

Since May 29, 2011 Okorocha emerged as Governor of Imo he has run the most

deceitful government ever known in history. Looting of public fund has

been done with reckless abandon. Public funds are managed without recourse

to fiscal discipline, while contracts are awarded arbitrarily, mindless of

due process. Most contracts unfortunately are abandoned due to inability

of Okorocha's government to pay contractors
Local government system, the third tier of government has deliberately

been destroyed completely paving way for him to corner the over N2.3b

monthly allocation to the 27 local councils in the state

He has run the most lawless government and organized a phantom, fraudulent

criminal charge against his former deputy, Jude Agbaso to get rid of him

so as to run away from an agreement he reached with him

He acquires lands in the state and companies owned by the government for

him and family members. His so-called free education has ruined both the

school system in the state and Imo state University. Standard of education

in Imo is on a free fall with the state ranking as one of the worst

performing states
Now Imo people are coming together to say enough of Okorocha's bad

governance. This is demonstrable in the manner they rallied round

President and the in-coming Governor, Hon Ihedioha during the campaign

The process towards reclaiming Imo from bad governance of Okorocha's

government has begun. The PDP guber candidate, Hon Ihedioha has been

rolling out his manifestoes on how to rebuild Imo and restore sanity in

the state when elected. It is therefore imperative for Imo people to as

usual make history by making the right political choice

Dr Uganwa, wrote in from Owerri, Imo state
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