Sdp Party: The Flying Horse In Adamawa State

By Tom Garba, Yola

The re-emergence of the social democratic party in the political history of Nigeria has turned into a big surprise as many concluded the party existence and being in the life-line of Nigerian political system is rather shock one and unbelievable, forgetting the antecedents of the party and its manifestoes in 1993 which was having the world renowned business tycoon and a crusader of social justice Chief MKO Abiola with Alhaji Babagana Kingibe as flag bearers of the party, it was undoubtedly believed they won the supposed June 12 elections that was later annulled by Gen.Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida.

The party became a national party which was having a lot of supporters and loyalist cutting across the six geo-political zone of the country, the popularity of the party stood the test of time not until the military abruptly seized power through a bloodless coup de'tat by Gen Sani Abacha, the Man that many kicked against his administration and termed it to be a tyranny regime, which resulted to many Nigerians seeking political asylum in many country for fear of dead or jailed. During Abachas's regime the fight of social justice of chief MKO Abiola ended up and later he died in prison fight the cause of social justice. The then interim government headed by chief earnest Shonekan that was planning to properly usher in the civilian regime (Democracy) was arbitrary stopped by the military.

The process of re-registering the party in 1998 was mischievous denied by some enemies of the party, contrary to their view the party is having a wide acceptance in the country if allow to be registered it they may use the party to fuel up fresh crisis in the country ,it fold back to the country nationalist to think of a new party that will make Nigerians to forget about the pains of June 12 that was how the idea of many party system was adopted and the like of PDP,APP later metamorphosed to ANPP and now fused up with many party to be APC,AD,APGA,Labour Party,PPA,PPN,Fresh party,KOWA party,Justice party etc.

Social Democracy party (SDP) was later re-registered after 1999 election was conducted; the party became a toddler party struggling to stand on the crutches of denial unacceptability by many Nigerians but still standing to wade off its challenges as it known to be the truth party that can save the country from total collapsing of economy backwardness.

The acceptability of the party in Adamawa state it's widely speculated before now; that the only party that is seen now to be housing both the rich and poor, the high and lowly, the downtrodden and people of high spirit, the hurt and the aggrieved is the party for social justice. Another face of the coin is manifesting in the political system of Adamawa state as the stalwarts of PDP decided to tossed the other side of the coin against the many founding member of the party, who to them, some few individuals are playing joker card with the destiny of the people of Adamawa state by mortgaging them to the hands of unaccepted candidates against the general will of the people of the state. Being a PDP state but imposition of unpopular candidates and refusing to allow tenants of democracy to take its full cause has turned the state into political battle field of party members, internal party crisis is the order of the day, exchanging of verbal guns shot of aggrieved party aspirants and loyalist to see the other side of the coin has been mare political threads as no any positive response was given to them.

As PDP busy breeding internal party crisis the social democratic party in the state is busy strategizing on how to form government in 2015 by woring and welcoming many new members in the party, the massive defection of politicians from PDP to other parties most especially SDP as a result of crisis in the party has position SDP on advantage side where the likes of Engr Marcus Gundiri who pulling crowds from every corner of the state and enjoy the loyalty of many minority of the indigenes of Adamawa people, Marcus been a wounded soldier who sustained serious injuries and blow he received from the ruling party that bastardized his political ambition and chances of becoming the next governor, with this shock he is bearing, decided to join social democracy party and defected to the party with thousands of supporters.

Seeing his political records and antecedents the has made the gubernatorial flag bearer in the forth coming February 2015 general elections, with him in the party one can see the white horse turning into a unicorn horse which is flying at a very high speed ready to break the born of any other obstacle coming her way.

Gundiri defection to SDP with an unwavering supporters in all part of Adamawa state is automatically make SDP a celebrated party, at moment thousand of youth are beginning to drum support for the party as one of the political stalwart in southern zone and the second man in the Adamawa state house of assembly Barr Kwaomati Lauri has also defected to the horse party to contest in the House of Representatives race.

The man that holds the affairs of the party in the state is single handedly championing the cause of the party in Adamawa told journalist of their readiness and certainty to win the February 2015 election as the party has come back with full force to dislodge any other party on ground. According to Mr Ibrahim Bebetu vibrant coming of the party is not only Adamawa as Ondo and some south east of the country are bowing down to the party's manifestoes of social liberation of all Nigerians. He was instrumental in making the party lively in Taraba where it has many supporters with aspirants contesting in various positions in Taraba state, despite all odds he open the party doors to all and sundry to have a rest from their many years of receiving political blows of all sorts, receiving unfair treatment in exchange of the total labor given to the party of betrayals and sycophants.Bebetu is certain of this great party ability to change Adamawa for good.

From whichever angle one may look at it SDP is holding swell plans to have a challenge that it might surprise many Nigerians in Adamawa state, defection to SDP is all the plan of many politicians to join the party of success, the party that is silence and unknown to many is turning into a hurt cake and the popularity of the party is going hire wire to even knocks and crannies of the state in a very high speed.