Certificate Saga:Don't Lay Bad Precedent,Rights Group tells Buhari

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As controversy still rages over the failure of former Head of State and

Presidential candidate of All Progressives Congress(APC) ,General

Muhammadu Buhari to present his Senior School Leaving Certificate (SSCE)

or its equivalent as required by law, a human rights group, the Centre for

Human rights and social Justice(CHRSJ) has urged the APC Presidential

Candidate not to lay a bad precedent in Nigeria political landscape.

The Centre noted that it had never happened in the history

of the country's political firmament where a candidate in an election

would tell electoral body to go and collect his or her certificates

to be attached to his or her nomination from third party,insisting

that Presidential candidate of All progressives Congress(APC) was

trying to lay a bad precedent in the nation's politics.

The group in a statement signed by Comrade Adeniyi Alimi Sulaiman and made

available to Pointblanknews.com called on the all lovers of democracy not

to allow this illegality to take place.
Similarly,the rights' group also berated Mr. Itse Sagay to stop

misinterpreting the constitution of the land by misinterpreting the

Buhari's Secondary School Leaving Certificate to a Master Degree which

might lead to the misleading of unsuspecting good people of the

nation,throwing its weight behind the position of a Constitutional and

human rights Lawyer,Chief Mike Ozekhome that Buhari was not qualified

to contest for the office of the President because he could not

present his least required certificate to INEC,noted that the

provision of constitution and electoral act were already cleared on

the subject matter,adding that “It is only in Nigeria that anybody

could get Master Degree without pre-requiste requirement.

It averred that the antecedents of Mr Sagay during the Tinubu's

Chicagogate saga was still fresh in the memory of Nigeria citizens and

he should not mislead the public again but to advise the APC

Presidential candidate to show his academic qualifications to INEC

like other Presidential candidates,noting that “somebody that is yet

to be elected as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria were

still looking for special treatment against the wishes of millions of

Nigeria.what we realized is that anybody can become anything under

Military rule because Military in governance of the country is an

aberration of highest order where they did what they like at will

without challenging and that is why they destroyed this country during

their reign”.
They further stressed that it was advisable for General Buhari to

honourably withdraw from the race so as to douse the tension in the

polity,advising main opposition in the land not to waste precious time

of Nigeria people by replacing him with qualifying candidate from the

party before it might too late.
The group maintained that the due provision of law must be followed on

this issue of Buhari's certificate saga,urging the Norther Elders to

prevail on Genera Buhari to include his claimed academic qualifications to

the nomination forms submitted to the electoral body as required by law.

Comrade Sulaiman who doubles as Convener,Save Lagos

Group(SLG),therefore called on General Muhammadu Buhari to present

one certificate to nation's electoral body so as to prove to the

world that he had certain level of education,stressing that Buhari

should bear it in mind that Nigeria is under democratic rule,not

Military rule where any unknown soldier could become Head of State

without questioning and Buhari should ready to abide by the dictate of

democratic ethos,norms and values in order to show Nigeria that General

Buhari is the agent of needed Change” .
According to him,”our respected General Muhammadu Buhari should bear

it in mind that we are no more in Military era where anything goes and

nobody dares asking question because of obnoxious decree.He should

know that this is democratic era where people will like to know the

privacy of their leader.Being a former Head of State does not qualify

Buhari to be democratic President until he met the requirement on

provision of law through constitution and electoral act.There is need

for us no matter highly placed in the society to respect the rule of

law in order for our country to given the needed change by her

“We want to use this medium to urge all the Presidential and

Vice-presidential candidates to show their claimed certificate in the

INEC nomination form in one of our national dailies for proper

verification by Nigeria public and it will be part of effort to clear

air on their certificates saga”
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