Abia: Dissecting the lies of Chijioke Nnakwe Part 1 by Madubuko Hart

By Madubuko Hart

In a period of election as we have today, many phony persons with their counterfeit groups do crop-up, dishing out stories that are not verifiable. This will take persons with significant mind to sieve their falsehood from truth in their stories, which are in totality malicious.

As far as you are their target, they throw decorum and their conscience to the wind, in order to satisfy their paymasters and obtain a lustrous “Stomach Infrastructure”. One Chijioke Nnakwe who paraded himself as an agent of “Abia Political Vanguard” dished out an odoriferous article that has only earned him disgrace.

In a paid advertorial he placed in THISDAY Newspapers of January 17, 2015, captioned, “Abia Guber: Continuity or Change?”, Nnakwe disparaged the personality of the flag bearer of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state, Dr. Okezie Victor Chibuikem Ikpeazu (PhD), and exalted that of the sham flag bearer of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Dr. Alex Otti.

Nnakwe perceptibly did a hatchet man's job for Otti and wanted to mislead the public when he wrote that Ikpeazu who is a majestic Ngwa man does not align with the Ukwa area of the state in his governorship pursuit. The reading public knew that there has never been anytime that Ikpeazu has said anything without carrying the kiths and kins of Ngwa people in Ukwa along.

Ikpeazu has never maligned any clan in Abia State for the exaltation of the other. Anything added to this was manufactured by detractors like Nnakwe who thought that by blackmailing Ikpeazu that Otti was lifted. What they failed to understand was that over 99 per cent of Abia people are strongly in support of Ikpeazu.

Reading the paragraph three of Nnakwe's yellowed article, he seemed to have a problem against Ibeku people and he did not know how to go about other than to spew out garbage. He described the Ibeku people as “Mafias”. In his continuous falsehood, Nnakwe said that Ikpeazu was working for Ochendo Global. One wondered why Nnakwe was this petty!

It is a mere assumption by bootlickers of political prostitutes in Abia State, saying that Governor Theodore Orji anointed Ikpeazu. This issue has been ironed several times in many forays that the governor did not anoint any candidate and was not against any.

For the avoidance of doubt to that effect, the position of Governor Orji's Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Charles Ajunwa, before the primaries of the PDP took place on Monday, December 8, 2014, was published in many newspapers across the country.

The Guardian of Thursday, 27th of November 2014, reported Ajunwa thus: "Governor T.A. Orji did not anoint or impose any candidate. He strongly believes that PDP governorship candidate will emerge from credibly conducted primaries in line with the party's resolved position that Abia South senatorial zone should be allowed to produce the next governor in the spirit of fairness and equity.”

Sometime in July 2014, quoting the governor, Ajunwa said, “I have always made it clear to all Abians that it is not in my powers to anoint my successor as that negates the principles of true democracy which I have serious srespect for. For the benefit of doubt, the election of my successor will follow due process, equity and fairness according to the constitution of my party.

“I wish to state for the umpteenth time that I have no anointed candidate for the 2015 governorship election in Abia State, nor do I intend to have. Any one parading himself as my anointed candidate is living in the past because already I have fought gallantly to decimate godfatherism and 'mamacracy' from Abia political landscape, and never again will it be resurrected.”

One would wonder where the brain of Nnakwe and his ilk like one Nnanna Ijomah who published an article recently, titled “ABIA ELECTORATE AND THE FEAR OF ELECTION RIGGING”. What these goons that Otti has surrounded himself with, he christened his media handlers do, is just to create unnecessary fears in the minds of Abia people.

Whatever they want to achieve with that! The ignorance of the likes of Nnakwe was that they did not know that the people of Abia wanted Ikpeazu and the PDP delegates had to cast their votes which turned out to be in his favour. Is it because Ikpeazu is a member of the PDP that the likes of Nnakwe and Ijomah were arrogating that the governor anointed him? But assuming the governor had been backing Otti, they would not see it as an anointment, but say that 'Otti is the governor's preferred candidate'.”

Governor Orji was bent on maintaining equity and fairplay in the state, and this was the major reason he earnestly shifted power to the Ukwa/Ngwa area for all the zones in the state to taste power. The APGA gangsters were talking about “change, election rigging”. It would be very essential to point out that if any past governments in Abia had rigged in any elections, that government was certainly not the government of Governor Orji and would never be.

The governor means well for the people of the state. It is only in his administration that opposition political parties are heard and their voices allowed to count. If the governor was inhumane as his critics wanted the public to believe, he definitely would not have allowed his critics to be. But he allowed all to exercise their rights to free speech.

It is convenient to say that the people of Abia State should not buy into thoughtless sermon by the likes of Nnakwe and Ijomah. The governor will not rig any election in the state and has not done such in the past. What is expected of the Abia electorate is to cast their votes for Dr. Ikpeazu. Their votes would count.

.Hart writes from Lagos

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