Mbaka And His Fickling Politico-prophetic Hoopla (I)


I've listened as issues and more issues are drawn from the alleged

'prophetic' denunciation of President Goodluck Jonathan's bid for a

repeat presidency by the Enugu priest, Rev. Fr Ejike Mbaka. The issue

raised, its mannerism and the surrounding controversies have got me

disconcerted that I felt it expedient to throw in my view.

But, before I proceed. Nominally and by deep conviction of faith, I am

a Christian and a Roman Catholic faithful. As a practising believer,

I'm not anachronistic to the ecclesiastical extraneous engagements,

which may appear inexplicable and dupliticious to those who are not

given to such excitations. I believe in prophecies and the feasibility

of an interplay between the humanity-divinity dichotomy as obtained in

visions, mystic unravelling, etc. etc.
And quickly, I'll add, that I'm among the many rooting for a Buhari's

presidency, which should make the statement alluded to Mbaka more

favourable to me.
I so chip in the disclaimer considering its relevance in this

discourse. This is for the benefits of prying offensives that might be

eager to denounce my view as mere outpouring of a disconcerted

element, who is adrift of circumstances hewn around the alleged

projections of the issue in focus.
The view though projecting my choice, stirs my disapproval for the

indecency by which it was designated.
Prophecies as one of the media through which divine intents are made

known to mortals, are sacred instruments and should be so seen for its

sacrosanctity by both the human medium and the recipients. The more

reason also it should be made with restraint and respect, for it is

the defining path for as many of the people, who by belief have

resorted to its projections.
It's in this light that the recent ballyhoos by the renowned Catholic

priest becomes an issue that should not be waved; not for the issues

so outlined therein but basically for the (violation of) sacredness of

the process through which it's adduced to have emanated.

Opinions we all know are stuffs to which all have the right to

express; regardless of the fact or otherwise of the constructions, one

is entitled to its expression without any hindrance. Mbaka would have

easily been spared the ensuing vituperations that have stirred since

his declarations if he had made it in the vase of a personal opinion

to which he is legitimately entitled to.
But then, by his appendage of a super-human oracle to what would have

innocuously passed for a personal expression, it became a deep

conflict- and rightly so- to verify and ascertain the authenticity of

such claims.
Subjective opinions are incoherent to religious postulations; and as

such should be inconceivable in churches and other centres of worship.

It might be acceptable to rationalize scriptural citations by way of

sermons, however, when the perception is from prophecy, it must be

circumscribed to what it is, without presumptions.
The 31st night's subjective postulations was gravely misrepresented;

and this is because the people received the message from the

perspective of a prophetic declaration for the incoming year. Fr Mbaka

shouldn't have feigned ignorance of this; he should have known the

evangelical norms better.
But here, the people once again were taken for whimsical ride.

Considering the drunk-like obsession of the most religious people on

earth to matters of prophecies and futurism, many ecclesiastical

agents have forcefully assume the status of divine oracles, who could

decipher the heart-beats of the divine. The gullibility has expanded

the coast that here and there, there are more prophets than the ready

So blinded as to give thoughts to reason, the throng that beseech

these self-acclaimed prophets at their capacious arenas, swallow hook,

line and sinker the gibberish pronouncements of their mediator-lords.

They have no reason to disbelieve; it would be sacrilegious, a sin to

doubt what the 'Lord hath said'.
I learnt the political projections of the Fr Mbaka was made at his

usual arena and on the eve of the year just ended. One could imagine

the crowd that had gathered with heightened expectations for the year

unveiling, as to give the 'prophetic vilifier' the inspiring tart that

had to rev up the rambling.
As obtainable, the people must have had expectations for their lives,

families and nation- no doubt about that- their desires had to be fed

without any denial. And to realize that the political process is so

crucial for the national life in 2015, the hilarious ride on it taken

by the man of God would have been but unexpected.
The ride was so intense that it nudged him into making fiery

expression of his political view centred on the most exciting process

of the political year- the presidential polls. The spice on the

cooking: Goodluck Jonathan will not win. Though striking and

incongruous to religious principles, it was accepted for what it was

by a people hungry for prophecy; for revelations.
Ahanonu Kingsley.
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