2015: Ballot Box Revolution Will Favour APC, Says German Based Activist

Source: thewillnigeria.com

SAN FRANCISCO, January 15, (THEWILL) – The 2015 general elections would witness a revolution that would make rigging of elections difficult for politicians, a Nigerian activist based in Germany has said.

The revolution, according to the activist, Mr Edward Nikagbatse-Oki, would be bloodless but swift to the extent that rigging would not be contemplated by politicians.

Already, a movement christened; “The Ballot Box/Common Man Revolutionary Movement” has been launched in Germany with many people signing up as volunteers for that purpose.

The ballot box revolution, which the activist also termed the “common man revolution” is tailored to correct the age-long oppression, cheating and deprivation of the common man (electorate) from enjoying the dividends of democracy in the country.

Addressing newsmen at the NUJ Press House in Warri, the commercial nerve centre of Delta State, President of the movement, Nikagbatse-Oki, said the revolution would instill credible, transparent and acceptable election in the country.

He said that the movement was designed to ensure that Nigerians use the power of the ballot box to vote out “conservatives” who had ruled the country for years and trampled on the rights of the common man.

Brandishing a book entitled; “Elections 2015: Nigeria In The 21st Century – Time for Ballot-Box Revolution,”, the activist described the ruling party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as “conservatives” party while the All Progressives Congress (APC), according to him, is the “progressives.”

He said the book is packaged to enlighten the electorate on the power inherent in the ballot box ahead of the general elections.

While decrying the high level of corruption, gross under-development, hunger and unemployment among Nigerian youths, Nikagbatse-Oki blamed the trend on the ignorance of the electorate in deciding the tempo of leadership through their voting power.

He however noted that it was only through the power of the ballot-box that is in the hands of the electorate that the much – desired change could be achieved in Nigeria.

Nikagbatse-Oki said the “conservatives” who have being ruling the country were responsible for the corruption and other social vices that have become a tradition in Nigeria.

He however blamed the electorate whom he termed the “common man” who often vote for the “crooked politicians” for failing to recognise the powers in the ballot-box which they control.

He lamented that Nigerians are still seeing the country with the eyes of yesterday where ethnicity and tribal sentiment were considered in taking critical decisions.

The activist stressed that the time has come for Nigerians to look beyond tribal issues but take a stand that will benefit the generality of Nigerians.

Nikagbatse-Oki however described President Goodluck Jonathan as a “Good man” , saying “he cannot effect the change Nigeria is clamouring for because his party, the PDP is a “conservative party.”

According to him, the “conservatives” manifestoes is not peoples-oriented like the “progressives,” saying politicians who are in the “conservative's party” even though they have good heart are controlled by their party's manifesto.

The activist however noted that there are “progressives” and “conservatives” in all political parties in Nigeria pointing out that the governor of Akwa-Ibom State, Governor Godswill Akpabio, is a “progressive”.

The activist who was flanked by some members of the movement including Oritseweyinmi Aginejuone, Balogun Tajudeen,Mrs. Akpoyovwemse Iwere (Woman leader) Monica Oke, (Treasurer),Pastor Femi.M.Oki, Mike Ogoru, Felix Ejoor, Alfa Demilekun Yakubu and Alhaja Fatal Basirat, however said Akpabio needs to join the real “progressives” camp to do better in his aggressive development of Akwa-Ibom.

Nikagbatse-Oki expressed optimism that the ballot box revolution which would be deployed in the forthcoming general elections would favour the APC.

He therefore urged Nigerians to form alliance with the APC, which he described as a “progressives” party to usher in the desired change in Nigeria without any form of sentiments or sectionalism.

Nikagbatse-Oki said Nigerians should give APC's Presidential candidate, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, and his running mate, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, a trial for the next four years and see how the “progressives' would transform the country.