Do Not Vote With Sentiments - Madumere ... Urge People To Vote Apc At All Levels


Imo State Deputy Governor, Prince Eze Madumere has appealed to the people of Imo State not to vote on sentiment in 2015 elections.

He made this remark at Enyiogugu Ancient Kingdom in Aboh Mbaise Local Government area last week where he attended the dedication of the son son of his Chief Detail, Mr. Steven Diala.

Addressing the joyous Enyiogugu people who had besieged Diala's country home in appreciation of the number two citizen of Imo State for honouring their son, he urged the people jettison the attitude of followership by sentiment.

Speaking further, he urged them to evaluate the antecedents of the candidates they will have to choose from. He reminded them of what it used to be before the emergence of Governor Okorocha. He enumerated the achievements of Governor Okorocha principally meant to uplift the living standard of the people.

The Voice African Personality of the year hammered on the gains of free education, which has not only created room for the poor to stand at par with their rich counterpart in terms of equal opportunities for their children. He also hinted that Policy of educating their children is with a view to empowering them and to give them opportunity of changing their status to a more valuable one in the society.

Continuing, he said some politicians who are supposedly their brothers in a political party who have spent well over twelve years in power and yet nothing to show for it.

He also reminded them what Imo people have lost in the hands of the PDP and the government at the centre. He averred the only Federal Government Projects commissioned in Imo were expired politicians.

He therefore called on the people of Enyiogugu to shine their eyes and look at every candidate, weigh them on the scale before making their decisions. He reminded them of the present government's people oriented policies and programmes, the trend only them can sustain it by voting massively for All Progressives Congress at all levels.