NDF Decries Terrorists' Endorsement for Buhari

By Agbese Philip

The National Democratic Front (NDF) has decried the recent endorsement of the All Progressives Congress' (APC) presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) by terrorist groups saying that it sends a bad signal about Nigeria to the international community, capable of destroying the moral fabrics of our true African spirit of honour.

A statement issued by NDF's National President, Comrade Philip Agbese in Abuja on Sunday said such endorsements, coming at a time when the whole world is united in condemning and fighting terror groups, have the potential as painting Nigeria as a country that engages in wholesale sponsorship of terrorism.

According to him, MEND and Boko Haram are two of a kind who with no good agenda for the wellbeing of the masses of this country and should not be contemplated in any discourse regarding our democracy and national development at any point in time. "It is worrisome that the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) came out to openly endorse Buhari and he did not distance himself from them within minutes. Even if he wants to claim not to give any credence to the action of the group, which ordinarily should not be in existence anymore, the stridency with which MEND continue to market the said endorsement is enough incentive for the APC candidate to repudiate their offer of support."

"This is a group whose existing members, who did not embrace the federal government offer of amnesty, should be on trial for crimes against the country.

"Buhari's refusal to disown MEND thus became more puzzling as he continues to maintain silence, which strongly suggests acquiescence, even in the face of denouncements from genuine stakeholders in the Niger Delta, including President Goodluck Jonathan, who advised him not to set stock on the endorsement from the murderous group.

"This silence must have perhaps emboldened other hideous groups like the evil Boko Haram that have been reported to have also endorsed Buhari's candidacy.

"This is yet another source for worries given the fact that Buhari's previous utterances like 'baboons bathing in their own blood' are suspected to have been a Launchpad pad for the ferocious intensity that the Boko Haram insurgency has taken on." NDF added.

The group said Saturday's attack on campaign buses of the People Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate, President Goodluck Jonathan by some thugs is an indication of the kind of atmosphere of terror that these questionable endorsements being given to Buhari can unleash on the nation.

It noted that "It appears that dormant cells of yet to be announced terror groups are now trying to outdo themselves in terrorising other candidates just to catch the attention of their demagogue. This is a path we must not allow Nigeria to thread.

"Buhari must heed the quality counsel given by his opponent and immediately distance himself from these groups to focus on issue based campaigning. A shadowy *National* Association of Nigerian *Prostitutes* (NANP) has also been reported to have endorsed the APC presidential candidate with a promise of three days of free sex if he wins.

"One now has to wonder whether Buhari is waiting for endorsement from the Union of Robbers, Alliance of Assassins, Conference of Serial Rapists and Guild of Ritual Killers before doing the country the favour of putting a stop to this sickening charade." NDF said.

Comrade Philip Agbese
National President, NDF