2015 Prophecy By Apostle Paul Okikijesu

By Apostle Paul Okikijesu

Received on Thursday, January 1st, 2015

United States of America:

The Americans must be prayerful so that they powerful nation will not lose her leadership position. There are several people that are planning to disorganize Obama's administration. Even some people are planning to dishonour/discredit America regarding certain countries in Europe and Asia.

Increase security for President Obama:

Obama should be prayerful, beware and vigilant and increase security whenever he is traveling out of United States. Majority of the countries that America is fighting terrorists on their soil did not like America, but it is necessity that makes them to accommodate America.


The United States Government must provide maximum security in all refineries from this time onward, so that the unscrupulous and corrupt people will not attack them. It is the Muslims that dominated the group that are planning to attack these locations with intention of destroying the refineries and bring United States to her knees.

This group of people has dual citizenship (one of their parents are American, while the other is from another country) and they gain citizenship through birth or naturalization. This group wants to carry out this attack to torment America and ruin her economy, but My divine name will defeat these people as long as the Americans make Me their Alpha and Omega. In turn, I will protect her and no ambush attack will penetrate this nation.

Russia & United States of America:

America should be careful so that financial and economic issues will not result in conflict between her and Russia.

China & United States of America:

America must beware so that financial and economic matters will not cause dispute between her and China in a way that can negatively impact her economy .

Female President:

Female will soon occupy the White House as Command-in-Chief and number one citizen of United States. The women will demand and protest for equality in near future.


Her spiritual journey will be very powerful, says the Lord of host. I will use fire and water to judge the country. Furthermore, I will pass through all the ChristianMinistries, those that are not speaking the truth shall be judged while those that stand by the Truth will be rewarded.

Nigeria can be likened to a pillar that erosion has cut through its foundation because there is no fear of God. As you know, it is only a matter of time before any pillar with a weakened foundation crumbles. If Nigeria is not careful and repent, the nation will disintegrate and cease to be a united entity/country.

Nigerians should pray ceaselessly because I have two covenants to fulfill during the course of this year.

1. First covenant is for every soul including the shepherds that fear Me. It is a year of resolution, whereby their troubles will be over. Progress/development, upliftment and good things will manifest in their lives, such people will harvest where they did not sow.
2. The other covenant is for the hypocrites who reproach the Truth, those that flourish through chaos and bloodshed. It is the year of revolution, whereby I will judge their household and recompense them for their evil deeds.

Any state, community or church that refuses to change and turn a new leaf will receive My judgment. If care is not taken, the situation of Nigeria might be worse than that of the Biblical land of Egypt that My judgment came upon.

There are ungodly habits that are being committed at an alarming rate in Nigeria like idolatry, blood shedding, filthy and dirty behaviours, corruption and bribery. I want the people that are committing these crimes, to repent and turn to Me. Though I love this country, but it is their bad behaviours that displease Me.

President Jonathan:

If the president did not make Me his Alpha and Omega, but continues to follow the corrupt pastors that did not know Me. If he put his trust in the covetous pastors whose plans are different from Christianity doctrines, then he will make efforts, but will not win the presidential election. Furthermore, I will like to disclose to him that the gluttons that he put his hope upon shall disappoint and disgrace him.

If he turns fully to Me, that is what will make his reelection bid easy and
successful. I want your repentance, and do not rely on the deceit of the people around you before it is too late.
Beware of the people you call your mentors, advisers, and so-called governors that are dealing with you with lies and deceit.

Come to Me Almighty God with strong faith and believe that there is nothing impossible for Me to achieve. Also, it is only Me who can appoint and make man to occupy post/position. If you refused to harken to My words, then you shall lose a big item that will cause grief in your life before the upcoming election.

The item I am talking about is a living thing (human being) that will be lost; this will have great impact and heartache which will eventually lead to your loosing the presidential election.

United States of America, United Nations & Nigeria:

Presently, Nigerian delegations are having various meetings with United Nations and United States respectively because of this upcoming election. Nigeria needs prayers so that she will always honour/keep her words.

The United Nations and United States of America are making plans to assist Nigeria between January and February of 2015 for the upcoming election. If they actually render this assistance, they will like to establish a base for their operation. If and when they use their efforts to support Nigeria, the country will still betray them in ways that can result in conflict.
When the situation calm down, Nigeria will remain adamant and they will not honour the bilateral agreement that existed between them.

Upcoming Election:

Pray seriously for the upcoming election because if people do not pray regarding this issue, subsequently, the presidential election result will cause turmoil, whereby people that want to contest for the gubernatorial election might not have the opportunity to compete.

People should pray to God to nullify the plans of the disgruntle and corrupt people that are trying to cause disintegration of the country by their evil activities. It is important that any citizen that loves the nation must pray fervently throughout this month.

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP):

If the party unites, they will win the presidential election, but within six months, there will be trouble.

All Progressives Congress (APC) & PDP:

I have sent the message before to APC that the party will nominate Buhari as their presidential candidate, but the party members will fail to unite concerning their goal. It is this lack of unity among the party that will make PDP to win the presidential election. Any of these two parties that lack unity among their members will lose the presidential election.

If PDP wins the presidential election, APC will not accept the election results, likewise if APC wins the presidential ticket, PDP too will not accept and this will lead to bloodshed.

Members of these two political parties are battle ready to fight for their rights, should in case, their party loses the election. Furthermore, several people have made plans that should in case APC loses the election, they will cause anarchy and chaos throughout the nation which will make it easy for the military to seize power.

Both PDP and APC members lack divine understanding because the spirits dwelling in their lives are different from My Holy Spirit. The way I will resolve the situation in Nigeria will surpass the understanding of these people.

Muhammadu Buhari:

If he does not change and turn to Me, all his efforts to be the president will be in vain, says the Lord of hosts. I must warn him that those that he rests his hope upon will disappoint him at the zero hour.

Female Politicians:

The female will contest and win executive and powerful posts like presidency, senatorial, governorship etc., very soon in Nigeria.

Mohammed Abubakar – Former IGP

I sent message to this man that, if he is not prayerful, he will be removed in 2014. Instead of seeking My guidance, he disregards My message and loses his post.


My hour is near, I am waiting for the day that this man will turn to Me fully, and have a change of mind or else, I will recompense his children.


I am waiting for his faith, repentance, and salvation, so that I will not repay his children, for all his deeds.

Sultan of Sokoto:

I am waiting for the day he would think deeply and make positive changes, that are worthy for repentance. He should think of his past mistakes and turn to Me, or else I will reward his descendants for his works.

Bola Tinubu:

People should pray for this man, I have said it last year, and I am repeating it. Use prayer to uphold him and not cease praying for him, so that his journey will not make people to bow their heads in sorrow this year.

It is only Me the God of hosts that has the power and capability to heal him perfectly. If I mark his iniquities he is not worthy, but I am observing his repentance process to make My decision.

If he repents genuinely, and puts his hope and trust in Me, he will survive this year. However if he turns his back and does not have faith in Me, despite the fact that I am the only Being that has the Power over life and death, then he would not live.

Many of his confidants that surround him did not want him to be alive; rather they want him dead, so that they will take his post/position among the party.

He should stop exposing his secrets and discipline his mouth, because some people want him to sleep and not wake up again.

If he fails to accept Me fully, people around him will deceive him and the end result, will be unpalatable.

The pastors praying for Tinubu:

The pastors that are praying for him, why can't they tell him the truth, about where he is lacking? The spiritualists that are praying for him may conspire against him this year; therefore he should put his hope in Me, Almighty God that cannot betray him. If care is not taken, his case will be like the prophets that the Biblical King Ahab trusted, but they deceived him.

Osun State:

They must pray fervently in this state, because the criminals are already in this state to foment trouble.

Lagos State:

People must pray against a bomb explosion, which can happen in the state, because the terrorists are already in Lagos.

Kwara State:
People should pray seriously for Kwara State, concerning a bomb explosion and misunderstanding that can cause bloodshed, between January and the first week of February.

Pastors in Politics:

I did not send or ask them to go into politics, but it is their carnal ambition that prompted them to make that decision because politics is a dirty game with corrupt politicians ready to stain their spiritual garments.

Such pastors will not be able to comprehend the event that will happen to them this year. Many of these so-called pastors are members of devilish covens and satanic fraternity. Still, they use My Holy name as cover-up.

Corrupt Christian Leaders:

Every pastor that did not speak the Truth, and the corrupt leaders of Christianity that are taking bribe, will be judged severely this year because I am not pleased with the deeds of the foolish, says the Lord.

Evangelist Dr. Bola Are:

People should assist her with prayers because her music has restored many broken homes and give salvation to many souls. If she did not serve contrary god, if she did not mortgage her soul to the lustful things of this world, and stay within My divine love, then I will preserve her life.

Furthermore, if she is against this message, she will pass away because her body need divine care and healing, says the Lord of hosts. If she continues in My Truth together with the prayer of the saints, she will witness April 2015 and survive this year, because her soul is asking Me for good health and sound mind.

The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN):

The accident that happened in this church in 2014 is just an example of bigger one that may happen to the ministry this year, if Joshua did not harken to Mymessages.
I want him to reconcile and surrender totally to Me, but if he refuses to find space for Me in his mind and his life, then something bigger than the 2014 accident will happen this year.
RCCG Redemption Camp:

Assist Redeemed Church Camp with prayers because some children of hell have penetrated the church and are making plans to inflict great lost of lives in the camp between January through March 2015.

Redeemed church members must be prayerful so that the event that can terminate several lives will not happen. If this accident happens, it will stain Redeemed church's good name and damage their reputation.

Therefore, they should pray to God to expose the corrupt high ranking officers of the church that have received bribe to conspired with these criminals in order to carry out their devilish plan which will result in many deaths.

The Redeemed church will disregard this prophecy, but if the event happens, I will ask of the blood of the dead from them including Adeboye. They must pray fervently so that this accident will not happen because the people called by the Lord for the end time glory are coming into the church.

Pastor Enoch Adeboye:

Pastor Adeboye should speak more about the fear and the kingdom of God. He must not receive any bribe from anybody and must not allow people to stain his spiritual garment or damage his glorious home.

This time around he must beware of the people that have blood stained hands which are not hidden from My sight that can destroy the kingdom of God given to him. These categories of people are among the pastors and the politicians. Once more, beware.

Pastor Mrs. Foluke Adeboye:

I have previously sent this message to her that she must find time for the widows. She must immediately start to lecture the widows, and support them financially. Furthermore, she must take good care of the widows and the orphans, so that her husband's work will be counted worthy before the heavens. If she jokes with this message, then there may be no second chance because after death, it is judgement time.


They must have holy assembly for repentance purposes because some of the members are not following the regulations of the organization, but are behaving in manners that are contrary to set up rules, thereby staining the good name of the organization.

They must have convention concerning divine love, fear of God and end time crusade. Finally, they must organize end time revival.

Christian association of Nigeria (CAN):

They must assemble for prayers and repentance because many of their members' minds/hearts are filled with evil that is dishonouring the kingdom of God.

They must organize end time crusade so that I, Almighty God will intervene in Nigeria's matter, or else I will judge Nigeria with storm of fire and water.

Death of Gospel Musician:

A famous male gospel musician that has been singing worldly songs before switching to divine songs needs prayer in order not to pass away this year.

Death of Pastors and the Politicians:

There shall be an increase in the number of famous people that will die this year compared to 2014. This is a powerful year that the brave people among the Pastors and Politicians will pass away, if they refuse to change and turn fully to Me. I am coming quickly to Nigeria to reward every soul according to their work/deed.

Death of Kings and Celebrities:

There will be death of kings this year if they fail to repent and turn a new leaf. A minister and senator of the nation will pass away and this will shake the country. Therefore, Nigeria should return to the fear of God so that miracles can happen.


Received on Friday, January 2nd, 2015

United States of America:

The spiritual journey of the nation needs supervision, so that the unscrupulous people will not cause the economy of the country to regress which can make the powerful nation to lose her leadership position

People should pray fervently for the economy of the USA to develop, and be buoyant in a way that will benefit all the races living in the nation.

White House, Nuclear Plants, and Refineries:

They must be vigilant, reinforce the security system and improve the security for all the locations mentioned above.

In order to gain divine protection, the Americans need to fear Me, Almighty God, surrender their souls to Me and allow the Christians to practice and pray without hindrance, most especially the days set apart in the year for prayers. If they do this, then I will intervene in the spiritual journey of United States of America in 2015.

I need to hear the prayers of the beloved and the ministers of God. It is important that the executive, legislative and judicial arms of the government worktogether to permit and encourage the prayers of the Christians for the nation. It is through this process that the economy will permanently be established with joy.

Feb 12 - Apr 14:

During this time, people should pray regarding any event that can cause turmoil in the nation and must not joke about it.

The prayer point is to pray against fire accident/incident in the refineries/nuclear reactors that can happen between February 12 and April 15, which can result in lost of several lives.

It is the covenant of the darkness, says the Lord, and they will utilize the people with technical know how about machineries and electricity to perpetrate this wicked activity.

Storm of Snow and Water:

This year is a powerful year therefore Americans must pray against flooding, extensive fire and excessive snowfall that can damage properties and endanger citizen's lives.

If America can pray seriously new glory and development that will shake/move the whole world shall manifest within her . Her economy shall be transformed/liftedup in a way that will make it possible for her to pay up or reduce her debt.


Citizens of America must be hospitable to foreigners/aliens, by doing this they will be rewarded with economic development and the establishment of her economy throughout the globe.

Terrorists Attack:

Americans must pray against terrorists that can come into the country through the land border to wreak havoc in May 2015.


Yugoslavia needs serious prayer between Feb 9 and March 28 2015 to avert a great incident/accident that can happen in this nation. The Yugoslavs need to fearMe and surrender their souls to Me says the Lord.

Starting from their president they should pray against the accident that can cause famine which can adversely affect the economy to result in downturn and also harm the citizens of this country. It will happen through the corrupted politicians; people who don't know how to govern but mess things up.

The elected officers and the leaders of this nation must cooperate and pray fervently so that the evil plan/design will not come to pass. I pray that carnal problems will not swallow this country spiritually.


If the citizens of this country think deeply, they will realize that their economy is not improving, but rather it is depreciating compared to the past. The only way to turn things around is to turn to Me, Almighty God and elevate Me above all their idols.

Furthermore, they must believe that I am the most powerful that does not change. It is then that they will witness positive changes in their economy.

It is also by reconciling with Me that the panic that can cause death of citizens can be averted. They should also pray against diplomatic row that can happen this year between the nation and Brazil concerning economic and sports activities.

Finally, both Argentina and Brazil need prayers so that I will take control of the nations.


The covenant that I had for Russia is great but Russians are not careful that is what made the USSR to disintegrate. They should be vigilant and observant in 2015.

They must investigate thoroughly before they support any country that call upon them for assistance, if not they will be on collision course with United States of America.

If Russians can pray fervently, then an economic incentive is coming in October 2015 that will cause rapid growth and economic development, that will continue until 2017.

If they refuse to change and acknowledge that it is only Me who has the power, then, I will put a hold on the promise. But if they reconcile with Me, Russia will become more powerful among nations. Its spiritual pillar will be firmly erected with unparallel economic growth than the past, to the extent that their tourism industry will be very buoyant. This is the hour of the glory of Russia, but they need to fear Me.

China and United States of America

There will be cooperation between China and United States of America, but they should pray against whatever that can cause conflict among the two nations.

The bilateral agreement made in 2014 between China and America regarding 10 years VISA will be implemented this year, if there is cooperation between the nations.


They should pray against and rebuke plague of fire and flood that can result in loss of thousands of lives and destroy lots of real estate in 2015.

Though 2015 is a glorious year, but everyone that reproaches the truth and the corrupt officers that use the truth to cause tears will be judged severely.

China should beware so that unscrupulous/corrupt people among them will not use their armament to terrorise the country between April 15-September 19.

Plague of Disease in China:

There will be an outbreak of disease that will originate from water sources and animals. Therefore, the Chinese must be wise, make cleanliness their watchword, and take good care of the environment without any chemical pollution so that toxic materials will not kill several people in 2015.


China must permit and encourage Christianity this year or else My spiritual hand of judgment will pass through China to judge and cause panic.

If the Chinese have change of heart and turn to Me this year, there will be great development throughout the nation, but if they elevate idols more than Me then the unscrupulous people in China will start a revolution.


I created the country perfectly. It is flowing with milk and honey. Also, I have called many prophets from this great nation. Why is it that people are not taking Almighty God that has done all things for this country seriously? Why are the people in power seeking the assistance of lesser gods, why are you reproaching the truth and did not have any faith in Me that created the heavens and the universe.

Boko Haram:

The spiritual journey of Boko Haram will turn to history very soon and they will cease to exist because I am displeased with the lives wasted by this terrorist organization.

I, Almighty God will intervene in Nigeria problems and My awesome power will destroy the evil doers starting from January 14 through March 17. My spiritual hand will be powerful on Nigeria.

Plague of Disease:

I sent message last year concerning a disease (ebola) that will come into the country that is worst than HIV, but because of the prayers of the beloved it was contained within a month.

Another disease has entered the nation and I don't want the storm of sickness to terminate the lives of My beloved. Therefore, Nigerians should pray seriously, and support the medical fields with prayers.

President Jonathan:

Jonathan should pray fervently so that he will not lose something big that can cause heartache, which can ruin his preparation for the election.

This time, he needs lots of prayer, My assistance and guidance to succeed. Nevertheless, if he reproaches the truth, and did not allow Christians to pray for the nation, then he will try to contest, but there won't be any election because of bloodshed.

If he has time for prayer and ask God fearing ministers to join him in praying for the nation just like the case of Jehoshaphat in the bible, then it shall be well with him.

Furthermore he must listen to the advice of the beloved and not trust in the foreign countries to design security system/apparatus for his protection, if not he isjoking/playing with his life because if I Almighty God did not protect any city the watchmen/guards are doing in vain.

He must pray ceaselessly, appoint sincere and trustworthy people to fill different posts, but not the corrupt politicians that can mislead him.

If he uses God's wisdom he would be successful, but if he listens to carnal wisdom, he will not be successful.

Sometime ago, I sent My ambassador Prophet Paul Okikijesu to Fashola and he announced on the television, that if he contest the second time, he will win the gubernational seat of Lagos State, but he should not use his own wisdom. Then Mr. governor (Fashola) gathered the people of God to pray for him, and ask for God's guidance through them. Subsequently, he won his second term as governor of Lagos State.

Jonathan should harken to My voice and emulate Governor Fashola. He must find God-fearing pastors and appoint them as his religious advisers. He must abstain from the covetous and corrupt pastors that I am not dwelling in their lives; rather it is Satan that dominated their physical entity. If he chooses any of the dishonest pastors, it will affect him greatly.

Ahmed Tinubu:

Assist him with prayer because only Me, Almighty God, can preserve his life. He should make God his Alpha and Omega, the people that surrounded him are only deceiving him, and some of them did not want him to be alive while many did not want him in that post.

I want him to repent and turn to Me; he must believe that only God has power over the soul, so that the people around him will not deceive him, until he dies.

He must abstain from bloodshed because of the lives of his household. If he comes to Me, My mercy will uphold his life, and he will be liberated. If he thinks deeply and accepts Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour, he will feel My invisible hand in his body, concerning his sickness.

Sultan of Sokoto:

I, the God of hosts, am waiting for his change of mind and repentance. He should stand firm in the truth and stop his hypocrisy.

He must permit My fear to reign in Sokoto and its environs; also, he must allow people to pray for progress and peace of Sokoto because what he doesn't know is that some people are making moves that can harm him. Therefore, I want him to change and turn to Me.

Yoruba Kings:

Every Yoruba king that reproaches the truth and did not tell the truth to the corrupt leaders who are bent on ruining this country, will lose their lives during the coming revolution.

It is only the kings that speaks the truth and did not collect any bribe that will survive the revolution; furthermore, those kings that shows transparency and did not shed or allow the shedding of innocent blood, it is such kings that will be successful this year.

Political Arena & 2015 Election:

If Nigerians did not pray ceaselessly to Me, no election will take place this year because the revolution would have started before the election. But if the beloved prayed, the election will take place.

Nevertheless, the opponents will not cooperate/agree with whoever wins the presidential seat to govern successfully. Therefore, history will repeat itself just like the event that happened during Shagari's regime.

The military will use deceit to seize power from the politicians and the nation will experience similar occurrence that happened to Abiola.

I will recompense everyone who misuses their post/position and pour My vengeance on their descendants. What happened in Ghana during Rawlings tenure may happen after the election, whereby the military will stage Coup de tat.

Unless the people in power recognized, fear and worship Me in truth, else the country will disintegrate when My great punishment used to plague Egypt pass through Nigeria.

Anyone who put their trust in terrestrial power will not be successful in this upcoming election. If they fail to repent, and permit Gospel to transcend, if they refuse to acknowledge that it is only God that can govern Nigeria and if they dare Me they will be punished severely.

Pray for the country concerning the issue of the kidnappers that are shedding blood, for sacrificial purposes, before election.

The politicians failed to fear Me, and put their trust totally in Me, despite sending several ministers of God to them; instead, they refused to heed the truth and continue to consult different satanic realm in different parts of the world like China, India, Senegal, Niger, Mali, and Guinea looking for contrary powers.

They left Me Almighty God looking for domestic gods/idols which will spell their doom and make it impossible for them to win the presidential seat.

If PDP depend on their abilities, power, and influence of money (bribery) they will not be successful in the upcoming election. Furthermore, if they did not allow Gospel, and ministers of God to support the nation with prayer, then they will try their best, but they will not win the presidential election. Great revolution will begin that will result in turmoil/anarchy after the election.

If the APC did not think deeply, pray and unite they will never win the presidential election.

Redeemed Christian Church of God:

The Redeemed Christian Church must provide adequate security throughout the Redeemed Camp site starting from January through March. It is very important because some criminals want to torment the source of Redeemed Church which will cause bodily harm to many people.

Pastor Enoch Adeboye:

Adeboye must ask for My guidance, says the Lord because those who want to carry out this nefarious activity has insiders that are conspiring with them. It is the people in the church that invited the hooligans and provide necessary information in order to disorganize Adeboye's administration. He should pray to Me and say meaningful sentences that can make the Camp's environment to be filled with hosts of heavens for liberation.

If he fails to speak out and this incident/accident happens, the blood of the people will be upon his head. Believers should pray for Me to destroy the plans of these children of hell. He should pray and ask Me for this evil event that is about to happen, and I will show him the vision of the devilish conspiracy.

He must not handle this issue with levity because I do not want trouble to come to the source of Redeemed Church through any incident that can make several people to lose their lives.

People know that it is Redeemed Camp that many politicians always secure accommodation for their protection. Though the targets of the gang are the politicians, but it will inflict great casualty on the people worshipping at Redeemed Church.

Christian association of Nigeria (CAN):

Members of CAN must pray ceaselessly for the success of the upcoming election.


PMF membership must come together and pray for the nation concerning the upcoming election, so that the unscrupulous people will not bring Christianity down.

Babatope Emmanuel Joshua:

I sent messages to him to turn to Me fully. In the book of Genesis 17: 1- 2, I told Abraham to walk blamelessly before me, it is the same message that I sent to him. He must start walking blamelessly before Me this year and forsake the shameful ways.

This is the second time I am sending messages to him, because he refused to yield the first time. He must examine his ways and desert whatever that can bring shame to the name of the Lord.

By turning totally to Me, I will be able to do meaningful things among his congregation, but if he refuses, something bigger than the accident that happened last year, will occur.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome:

I sent message to him in the year 2014 and he neglected it but a small incident/accident that happened in his ministry, this year he must pray seriously because I want his change of mind.

Furthermore he must permit real Bible Lecture and not stories or history in his ministry, which will be a good example that can lift My spiritual hand up at this end time. His marriage should be a holy solemnization and not a filthy marriage. He must not put the Bible aside and favour or hold on to things that are against Mylove.

I want him to change totally to Me, because My spiritual hand will pass through Nigeria and it will start from the churches. This pastor must listen and amend his ways, so says the Lord.

Pastor Lazarus Muoka:

I sent message to him last year, but he refused to change, the blood of those that died in the auto accident, and other places displeased Me. Therefore he must change, and produce fruits of repentance and rectify wherever he is lacking.

My judgment will come this year, and it will start from the church. I will walk and My hand will perform powerful and meaningful works.

Nigerian Sportsmen

Aminu Maigari:

They should pray for him regarding those who don't want him alive. Pray against the conspiracy that can endanger his life between February and May 2015. He needs to be closer and pray to Me, in order to preserve him from an unexpected ambush attack that can terminate his life.

Nwankwo Kanu:

They should pray on his behalf regarding health issues, the good works that he has done concerning the children, widows, and people is what is preserving his life. If not he would have lost his life since.

Steven Keshi:

Please pray for his soul this year because Satan intends to use people around him to endanger his life. People should pray against whatever that can happen to him that will unsettle and worry the nation.

Furthermore, they should assist him with prayer regarding people after his life, those who want him dead. It is important for voices of prayer to be raised for him, if they need him alive. He must also make God his Alpha and Omega; he must not put his trust in herbal/terrestrial power that cannot preserve his life.

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God bless!

Prophet Frank Akanbi
On behalf of
Prophet Apostle Paul Okikijesu.

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