Otti Is A Better Puppet

By Madubuko Hart

The phony All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) governorship candidate in Abia State, Dr. Alex Otti without doubt came into politics with smearing gestures against rivals in other political parties in the state.

Since the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state could not give him the ticket to pursue his political ambition and he shifted tent to APGA, he has not said anything in his issue-baseless campaign without insulting the PDP.

One among his numerous slandering of the PDP was the interview he granted some media organizations in which he said that the PDP wanted to install a puppet as Abia governor.

From his comment at Umunneochi area of the state, it behooves on all discerning minds to believe that he meant Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu (PhD). If this is true, then we have to ask Otti if the PhD that he is holding is different from the one that Ikpeazu has.

Dr. Nne Ihuoma-Ngumoha would say that people who don't know Ikpeazu might not understand (our) perspective but for those who know or have come in contact with him, there's no other better candidate for Abia than Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu.

Mathew Nwokoji, Ph.D, said: “I had dealings with Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu when he was in charge of Environmental sector in Aba. I saw him as a man of passion that meant well for the masses. He displayed great intention towards creating job opportunities for the masses, a safe and clean environment for the people of the state.

“I was impressed with him, and if given the opportunity to govern Abia State, he will do extremely well. I am not from Abia nor do I need anything from Dr. Ikpeazu, he is a very caring, passionate and intelligent man.

“I urge people of Abia State to remain focused and give Dr. Ikpeazu a chance, they will be glad for making such life changing decision. Nigeria needs people like Dr. Ikpeazu. All the best and congratulations to Dr. Ikpeazu.”

I'm not sure why Otti is so desperate for power that he has blindfolded himself and has decided not to see anything in Ikpeazu even as majority Abia people and those not from the state are clamouring that Ikpeazu remains the best candidate in the 2015 elections.

I must say that Otti was suffering from the diarrhohea of the mouth when he said that, “What they want to install in Abia State is a puppet and my definition of puppet is he whose anointer is better than. So, if we are crying in Abia State today, we will cry more after 2015 if people like us didn't come out. And it is God that asked us to come out.” Who does he mean by anointer or the anointed? Because of Otti's desperation for power he has not been reading newspapers if not he would have known that Governor Theodore Orji did not anoint any candidate in the state or anywhere.

Uchechukwu Onuoha, said, “Am surprised to read this poem from Otti, all these years you're rallying round governor T.A. Orji for anointment, (to anoint you), there was no complaint or fault from the administration. It is only when you discovered that the party ticket will not be handed over to you no matter any amount of lobby involved, you rushed to APGA and got your purported ticket in one faction of the party.

“Most of our politicians are not sincere and I have seen that in the life of Otti. Why not be bold since ever you're with the governor, following him in commissioning projects and other official assignments, and say to him that his administration is not doing well? Because you desperately want to succeed him, the best option you have deemed fit for you is to be blackmailing him now, which you never did since. From my calculations, you will not make a good leadership if given the opportunity. Ikpeazu you called a puppet will be better than Alex Otti”.

Otti continued in his gimmicks and exposing himself for public ridicule when he said: “You have seen that they (PDP) have not been able to govern this state well and they will not, even if they were given the opportunity. If you give them another eight years that they are looking for, this state is going to be a failed state…” But is this not the PDP that Otti was a member and wanted his head to go for when the assortment did not fall on him? He left the party for the APGA as a political prostitute he is. Can we see!

For Otti to say, “I don't have any problem with anyone that they have anointed, but I must find the person that anointed him. If I see the person that anointed him and it happens that the person has not fared better during his service, you will know what will happen if the person he anointed takes over from him” means that he has a brain problem.

I'm happy that in some foray many well-meaning Abia people have responded to the babbling of Otti that he even failed to tell Abians what he wanted to do for them and how he intended to do it. He rather wasted the whole time in the interview casting aspersion on the person of Governor Theodore Orji and insulting the PDP.

Mr. Alaribe Nwakanma Samuel in his response to the interview said, “Otti when you were lobbying to get the nod of PDP, you did not see it as a failed party. Then you saw the governor as the best, but when you failed to get the endorsement, you now turned against them. My question is if you had succeeded to be the party flag bearer would you be saying this garbage…”

As an embittered politician that Otti has become, he has refused to imbibe what many have called, “the spirit of ensuring they have issue-based campaign and avoid name calling or unnecessary castigations.” While Otti did not win the APGA primary, yet, he has been deceiving his blindfolded followers to believing that he is “the Governor in Waiting”.

Otti did everything within and outside his powers in getting the governor anoint him, but he failed, therefore he resorted to doomsday prophesy against the governor and the PDP. But my happiness is that Abia people have gone beyond Otti's pettiness. Otti knows that he is not going anywhere and he turned a puppet for some failed politicians in the state to be smearing the image of Ikpeazu.

Uchenna Uzoije Alex Otti is a "do or die" politician who want to govern Abia at all cost. But I have this to tell him: you will lose in Isiala Ngwa South, Arochukwu and may be in Ukwa West which you may now claim is where your mother hails from. "Overnight Democrat".

Hart writes from Lagos

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