Mark to Nigerians on 2015: Crave for violent-free elections ————


Individual, group ambitions must not undermine national interest President of the Senate Senator David Mark today took stock of the nation's chequered socio- political and economic problems in the last one year and urged citizens not to despair because there will be light at the end of the tunnel. In his goodwill message to Nigerians to Mark the new year,

Senator Mark said:”There is no doubt that the situation especially insecurity is challenging . We cannot pretend that all is well with us. But we are a nation of good faith in one God. When it seems impossible. God will make it possible. “This trying time is only but a phase in our match to greatness. With cooperation, dedication, honesty and patriotism on the part of all of us , we shall surely triumph.” All that is required , Senator Mark maintained is for all citizens; both the government and the governed to see our challenges as a collective problem facing all of us and not only to a part .

The President of the Senate opined that there is no problem too difficult for the nation to surmount if we come together in one accord to confront the menace. He assured that the National Assembly will give accelerated passage to the 2015 Appropriation Bill without compromising due process and critical assessment of the proposal. That way, he reasoned would facilitate the implementation of the budget so that dividends of democracy promptly delivered to the Nigerian people. On the forthcoming general elections, Senator Mark reminded politicians of the need to play according to the rules saying that all civilized and decent societies are governed by laws and not a resort to might is right. The National Assembly , he said has fine tuned the electoral Act in tandem with the 1999 constitution (as amended) to make our electoral process smooth and rancour free.

He therefore cautioned those fanning the embers of war ahead of the polls to think otherwise because the interest of an individual or groups cannot over ride national interest, stressing “Nigeria is greater than any group or individual interest. ” We must also remember that we must have a peaceful country before we can have the platform to pursue our individual or group ambitions.” Senator Mark told those perpetrating violence to perish the idea and embrace dialogue “because what ever cannot be resolved on a round table cannot be settled through the barrel of the gun.”

He prayed that all Nigerians irrespective of different political leanings should cooperate with the present administration to end the reign of insurgency and terrorism, recalling that former “Colonial Masters on leaving our shores bequeathed to us a nation where every citizen is free and without impediments to pursue his or her legitimate ambition.” Senator Mark pledged on behalf of his colleagues that what ever makes for the peace, unity , progress, security and welfare of all citizens will continue to be their mission and purpose in 2015 and beyond. Signed: Paul Mumeh, chief Press Secretary to the President of the Senate.

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