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Ogoni Elects Eight New Governors

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Seven Women as Deputy Governors, eight provincial vice presidents, members of the Ogoni National Legislative Assembly, customary court judges and new village council heads to provide a new brand of leadership in the eight provinces of Ogoni Nation.

In a congratulatory message, MOSOP President and Spokesman, Dr. Goodluck Diigbo said the governors and other elected should not engage in corrupt practices.

Diigbo explained that the elections represent a further irreversible step forward for the enforcement of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

After the formal inauguration of the Ogoni Self-Government, the relationship between Nigeria and the Ogoni people be based agreements and constructive arrangements.

This will be in the recognition that the Ogoni people are a distinct indigenous people within the nation state.

The Chairman, Ogoni Electoral Commission, Rev. Sir Mike Ibirah said the conduct of the elections was remarkably peaceful elections.

He said it took 18 months to arrange, including the conduct of staggered elections to establish an electoral college. Sir Ibirah commended the Ogoni leader – Dr. Goodluck Diigbo for his dedication, focus and leadership.

He said his Commission saved over N1 million, because some election officials declined monetary compensation.

He said all arrangements have been put in place to elect the first president of the Ogoni Nation and leader of the National Legislative Assembly on Saturday, December 27, 2014.

Monitors and accredited agents that will observe the elections are being accredited, including other ambassadors of other ethnic nationalities in Nigeria.

The governors-elect are:
Ban Ogoi Province – Hon. Fine Bugila elected governor, while Hon. Mrs. Love B. Asiganebari elected as Deputy Governor, candidates of the Ogoni Progressive Nationalist Party.

Bori Province – Hon. Barika Lawrence Lipnee and Hon. Mrs Patience Bete representing the Ogoni National Congress Party

Babbe Province – Hon. Letaagha Noah elected governor while Hon. Mrs. Nwikina D. Gift elected Deputy Governor on the platform of the Ogoni Green Party.

Eleme Province – Hon. Hope Nkane elected governor, while Hon. Mrs. Patience Chiteh became the Deputy Governor as candidates of Ogoni National Congress Party.

KenKhana Province – Chief Hon. Gbenekanu Yorko elected Governor and Hon. Mrs. Keaniabari Elijah – Deputy Governor both Candidates of Ogoni Democratic Alliance Party.

Gokana Province – Hon. Samuel Zortee elected Governor and Pastor J. T. Gbode elected Deputy Governor of the Ogoni Democratic Alliance Party.

Tai Province – Hon. Augustine Nkerelo elected Governor and Hon. Mrs Dinah Asaabue Deputy Governor of Ogoni Progressive Nationalist Party.

NyoKhana – Hon. Lucky Nwibakpo elected Governor and Mrs. Beatrice Nwine as Deputy Governor also on the Ogoni Progressive Nationalist Party.

Details of all elections' results have been displayed at OGECO office in Bori – Capital of the Ogoni Nation.

Rev. Sir Mike Ibirah
Chairman, Ogoni Electoral Commission/President, Council of Ogoni Churches