Support for Jonathan:Northern Governors get death threats


With about 56 days to the presidential election, some northern governors favorably disposed to President Goodluck Jonathan are being threatened with death threats.

According to reports, very vile text messages are being sent to governors and opinion leaders in the north, asking them to dump the idea of mobilizing for Jonathan.

More troubling is the fact that most of those opposed to Jonathan in the north, are in that group not because they see him as incompetent, but they convinced it is the turn of the north.

Vanguard reports that one of the northern elders, and top shot of the Northern Elders Forum, Ibrahim Coommasie, is insisting power must shift.

One of the governors said he and his colleagues have been getting death threats from high ranking northern legislators from Abuja in Hausa and English.

One of the governors said ” what is really worrying those of us who are perceived to be pro Jonathan governors or supporters, is the open threat messages being made directly to our phones.”

It was learnt that some radical northern leaders have also been sending threat messages to some of their governors and leaders believed to be working for Jonathan's victory in the 2015 poll to stop the support or be dealt with.

The governor who spoke to Vanguard showed two of such messages written in Hausa and English to him, warning him not to betray the north as they claim he did in the last presidential election.

One of the mails, he said came from a high ranking federal northern legislator, while the other was allegedly from a man the governor described as his friend.

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