A Word For Professor Yemi Osibajo

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I am glad that the APC eventually took my advice and saw the wisdom in not fielding a muslim/muslim ticket for the 2015 Presidential election even though I hear that right up till the last minute they almost did so.

I congratulate my friend and brother Professor Yemi Osibajo on his nomination as the Vice Presidential candidate of the APC and running mate to General Muhammadu Buhari.

I have known Yemi for a number of years and I must say that he is not only a very pleasant and civilised person with a warm and gentle disposition but he is also a highly cerebal lawyer with a truly brilliant mind. I have immense respect for him.

Yet sadly ever since I heard about his nomination and announcement as Buhari's running mate I have felt nothing but sheer pity and a deep sense of pathos for him. My counsel and words for him are as follows:

Woe unto the children of light that secretly delight in darkness and that seek to thwart the counsel of God for their nation by joining hands with the sons of Boko and the daughters of Haram.

The bible says ”what fellowship is there between light and darkness?” It says ”what does God  have to do with Belial?” It says ”what profiteh a man to gain the world and lose his soul?”.

A respected Pastor from the Redeemed Christian Church of God, a devout and committed Christian and an intellectually-sound and very well educated Professor of Law accepts to be running mate to a sharia-loving muslim fundamentalist, a bloodthirsty, cruel and murderous military dictator and a die-hard believer in the philosophy of ”born to rule”?

A gifted and blessed servant of God who is a spiritual son of Papa Enoch Adeboye, one of God's greatest and most respected generals and one of the Nigerian Church's most humble and best loved precious gems, chooses to play ”man Friday” and second fiddle to an individual that secretly despises christians and that represents everything that is troubling, unsettling and repugnant to the modern world and the 21st century?

A learned Professor of Law who is the leading authority on the law of evidence and who has written numerous books on the topic chooses to play number two to a man that never went to any decent school, that failed all his exams at military college and that never went to university?

It is only in Nigeria that this can happen. Is there anything that these Haramites will not do, is there anyone that they will not use and is there any norm that they will not defile, pervert and corrupt in their ignoble quest for power and as a consequence of their insatiable lusts and manifest greed?

Each and everyone one of us, including my friend Yemi, will ultimately have to answer to God for the choices that we make and we must live with the consequences of those choices.  It is no wonder that the Redeemed Christian  Church of God has disassociated itself from a false claim that the Church was supporting the Buhari/Osibajo ticket and has come out to say clearly and categorically that they have not endorsed the candidacy of Osibajo.

Frankly that is just the beginning of many shockers and surprises that Yemi will be served with in the next few weeks until the battle is over and circumstances compel him to go back to his legal practice.

Meanwhile he should learn from the words of one of his highly esteemed colleagues and yet another Pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, the courageous Pastor Bosun Emmanuel, who said the following words in his famous and revealing sermon titled 'The Nigerian Church' which went viral just a few months ago.

He said, ”woe be unto any believer who joins hands with the enemies of God in an attempt to bury the Church and destroy the gospel”. This was a timely admonition and these are strong and wise words from a true servant of God who is under no illusion about what is going on in the politics of Nigeria and who is brave enough to say it as it is.

Yet whether we choose to heed Bosun's words or not I am absolutely certain of one thing: those that have aligned with the servants of satan, the emissaries of Boko Haram and the children of darkness and that seek to thwart God's counsel for our nation shall not prevail.

Boko Haram abducted 185 women in Borno state on December 18th and killed no less than 52 innocent people. Despite that some people are still supporting Ayatollah Buhari and his Haramite army. What a people, what a country.

Those that say that Buhari has changed simply because he has a pastor as his running mate are ignorant. Did he not have a Pastor as his running mate in his last outing? Did he not still say that it was his intention to spread sharia throughout the country and that an attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the north?

Did he not oppose a state of emergency in the north eastern states and say that it was unfair to kill Boko Haram members? Did he not say that instead of killing them they should forgive them, pamper them and treat them in the same way that the Niger Delta militants were treated?

Did the spokesman of his party Alhaji Lai Mohammed not say, only last year, that the proscription of Boko Haram by the Federal Government was ''unjust'' and ''unconstitutional''? How does the fact that Buhari has a Christian running mate change any of these things?

In any case he only chose a Christian running mate because he was compelled to as a consequence of the hue and cry that a muslim/muslim ticket would have generated. Are those that cite the fact that he has a Christian running mate as evidence of his new-found love for Christians aware of the fact that during the American civil war a small, ignorant, misguided and deluded group of negro slaves actually fought on the side of the southern confederate forces in an attempt to keep slavery in place?

Did that suggest that the leaders of the southern confederate ''secession'' states suddenly changed their minds and fell in love with the blacks that they had enslaved and treated like animals? Is Buhari not as much of a racist and a tribal bigot as he is a muslim fundamentalist?  Did he not lead a northern delegation to Lam Adesina, the late Governor of Oyo state just a few years ago when some Fulani herdsmen were slaughtering Yoruba farmers and ask him ''why  are your people are killing my people''? Apparantly Buhari believed that the aggressors that had invaded the land and farms of others and killed all the occupants had a right to do so.

Ignorance and lack of knowledge is a really terrible affliction but in this context it is not only terrible but also very dangerous. Buhari's picking a Christian pastor as his running mate changes nothing about him, his entrenched views and his deep-seated mindset.

It rather provides evidence of his sheer desperation to win power at all costs and his sheer deceit. Christian Vice President or no Christian Vice President, his heart remains as dark as ever.

We shall meet him and his army of supporters in the field: let God's will be done.

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