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A friend of mine after my last paper sent me a message via Facebook.

“Congratulations Haywhy, after school, what next?”
I calmly replied:
“Marriage of course” and he answered with “why rushing” and then I said, if I die today, will you ask me why rushing? Well, maybe he will reply next Year.

As we all know that it is from when we were very young that many of us have been taught about sex as being an act that should not be done anyhow and that one should save it for one's future partner. Sex nowadays to many has become an act with little or no regard to its sacredness as both unmarried young and old individuals indulge in it. I'm not criticizing anyone however, but I'm rather pointing out the sacredness of sex which is only respected and blessed within the confines of marriage and between husband and wife.

I am not also saying our parents aren't right, and with all due respect, that is the right thing to do, but what I'm advocating for is that parents should help their children so that they leave home with concise knowledge on sex education rather than leaving the duties to the “outside world” , because charity begins at home. Also, parents should educate their children about marriage because by so doing, it helps to promote purity in our economy.

In earlier generations, the milestones of adulthood – leaving home, finishing school, getting a job, getting married and starting a family – were completed in a short period of time. But today, the milestones have been placed on a “10 to 15 years stretched out track, that I call prolonged adolescence.” It's just too much privilege, and not enough responsibility.

Additionally, Parents instead of suppressing their children's feelings if they confess of liking someone are encouraged to pray with them, dream with them and talk more about the vision of marriage. In the church as well, I want Christians to coach young men to pursue relationships and elevate the marriage talk.

I stand to be corrected however, I am not advocating for all young people to get married early as people differ, but there's a certain level of maturity, life responsibility and one's walk with Jesus that should be considered when assessing someone's preparedness for marriage.

Well, some of my critics will say divorce is very close to those who marry early. That is a strong opinion but we all need to know that God is the only one that can sustain one's relationship.

For the record, most divorce cases today occur with couples who married late because they had been committed to their job probably, so marriage to them is not a priority.

Conclusively, when people around us marry early, let us encourage them, and pray for them because God is the only builder of the HOUSE and our Prediction in most cases does not matter.

Written by Odeyele Ayodeji Joseph, a graduate of History and International studies at the Osun State University.