The contender had a glorious military career but a loose rein on his mouth....while the incumbent fares no better in matters of the mouth.

The contender was trained to be nationalist in his mindset, mien, disposition, utterances....but lost focus after losing unfairly in an election. The incumbent also scores abysmally low in the core disciplines of mindset, mien, dispositon and the spoken word. One is no more articulate than the other....choosing to let their words precede their thoughts!

The contender's wife has kept out of public glare while the incumbent unleashes his wife on us to do as she wishes with her tongue!

The contender seems to have capitalized on insurgency at its infancy while the incumbent seems to have taken full advantage of the violence in its later days. Both appear to have perfected their individual brands of the political version of insurgency.

The contender strongly believes he is "born to rule" while the incumbent feels what is good for the goose is also desirable to the gander.

The contender wants a share of oil for "his people" while the incumbent feels the oil is for him to protect and keep for "his people".

Both are proven saboteurs of their fatherland pretending to be nationalists as they ogle for political office, lucre and grandeur.

So, we are yet again presented with a hard choice....between the kettle and the pot....between the devil and the deep blue sea....between one department of hell...and another.....

.....only that one is averse to thievery while the other dwells in corruption....

.....and for me, that distinction matters a lot!
Dr Tosin Akindele is a Lagos-based Medical Practitioner, a former Secretary of AGPMPN Ikorodu zone, a former Secretary of the Quackery Committee of AGPMPN Lagos State Branch, founder of Analytical Minds, a good health advocate and social critic.

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