Hubby To Finally Shut Down Late Kefee’s ‘Branama Kitchen’ In Lagos

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

After the death of Nigerian gospel singer, Kefee, there have been concerns as regard her music and 'Branama Kitche', which she established some years before her death.

There was even a report shortly after her death that the Maryland office of her restaurant was under lock and key, but husband of the late singer, Teddy Esosa Don Momoh, has explained that the business is still in existence.

According to Teddy, his late wife's kitchen is still in operation, but only for online clients. “Branama Kitchen is still going on just that it is now operating online. The building itself has nobody but that does not mean it's been closed," Momoh said.

He disclosed that people still call for delivery and catering services just that he has not been available to oversee the affairs because of his busy schedule.

Teddy says since his wife's death, he has been trying to find his feet back and as a result, he would not be able to manage all her ideas as he hopes to move 'Branama Kitchen' to Delta state, where her family is so that they could also help key into her vision.

“I have been busy trying to get my feet back on the ground and I don't really have people to run the place but 'Branama Kitchen' would be relocating from Lagos to Delta State because I want her parents to share her dream,” he told Encomium.