Obiano Reveals Humane Side; Rescues Accident Victim in Upper Iweka

By Willie Is Working

The Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano showed a yet to be known humane side on Wednesday afternoon when he ordered his convoy to an abrupt stop to rescue a man lying on the roadside after being hit by a Mercedes 608 Bus near the premises of 302 Artillary Division of

the Nigerian Army in Onitsha.
The victim, a young man in his 30s lay by the roadside bleeding with a broken head with no one to attend to him until the governor's convoy pulled over. Governor Obiano immediately jumped out of his car and walked towards the victim to effect the recue, ordering his men to lend a hand.

The incident also justified Governor Obiano's decision to have an ambulance as part of his convoy as he quickly ordered the driver of the ambulance to convey the victim to hospital with immediate effect.

The crowd watched in utter surprise as the governor took charge of the situation, moving close to the ambulance to assure the victim not to worry as he was in safe hands.

Since the governor ordered that an ambulance be installed as part of his convoy, many people had wondered why Governor Obiano had made such a directive. But the accident in Onitsha has shown once again that Governor Obiano is a man clearly ahead of his time.