Your Excellency, Mr. President, Federal Republic of Nigeria,

Governor T.A. Orji of Abia State is the Governor of Abia State. What is happening in Abia State leaves much to be desired. We do not wish to consume much space in reporting this anormally. Neither do we wish to paint words. We are human rights activists, giving human rights reports, as naked as they appear: no word management. Let us break the Abia State anomalies down:

These two are two of the oldest divisions also in the old Eastern Region as we as in the defunct East Central State and erstwhile Imo State. The battle for the governance of the State has always been tilted to favour the Old Bende. Whether that is right or wrong is not why we are writing.

The clamour for justice has been high in the State to give Old Abia Division chance to govern the State, as by far, the larger of the two. In other states, at political party level, the clamour for equity in power shift has produced such governors as: Willie Obiano of Anambra, Liyel Imoke of Cross River State, Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State, Olusegun Mimiko of Ondo State, Adams Oshimole of Edo State amongst others. The same quest has securely secured governance of Ebonyi State for Chukwu from Afikpo.

It is one thing for Power to shift, quite another for the people to benefit from that arrangement. It certainly gives political sense of belonging, but doubtedly political patronage. What amounts to political patronage is the governor that 100% determine it, a scenario that has caged true equity and fair play in the political chess game. And in Abia State, the issue is not Ngwaman getting Power, but how detached is the Governor away from the power he wants shifted. PDP Abia State announced that Power would shift to Abia South Senatorial Zone.

That would have brought the much clamoured equity. But where no level playing ground is given, then, this touted equity and fairplay is to say the least, chimerical.

The bird-eye view of the just concluded Ward Delegate Primaries in Abia State revealed schemes overtures for the continuity of T.A. Orji in Power in Abia State and worst still, for the entrenchment of Orji political dynasty in Abia State.


Quadrangle is a mathematical figure of four (quad) sides. In Abia State, T.A. Orji, who of course is a doctoral degree holder in Mathematics has undoudebtedly mathematified Abia politics to entrench his political dynasty. Power is shifting to Abia South no doubt, but who gets the Power. The person to get the Power is equally of importance as the imperativeness of power shift. Otherwise, Ngwa people would be bamboozled in the euphoria of power shift to them without, the political patronage dripping down or percolating to them which tantamounts to clandestine political slavery.

This love quadrangle for politicking in Abia State is glamorously salient:

1. Dr. T.A. Orji will go to the Senate, displacing Distinguished Senator Nkechi Nwogu.
2. Dr. T.A. Orji Jnr, the son of T.A. Orji will go to Abia State House of Assembly to become the Speaker.
3. Dr. T.A. Orji Mrs., the wife of T.A. Orji called Odochi Orji, the First Lady of Abia State, will go to House of Representatives.
4. Dr. T.A. Orji brother from Obingwa, the son to the Sister of T.A. Orji married to an Ngwaman, will become Governor of Abia State.

In order to make his son as a first timer become the authentic Speaker, there is an underground scheming, so clandestinely arranged that bursting it would require higher power intervention, that all second timers would not be given ticket to return so that Abia House will be only for first timers.

My dear President, it is true you did not read Mathematics in the University. But as a typical scientist, you are not a novice in Mathematics. This Mathematician as Governor of Abia State has certainly mathematified governance of Abia State in 2015 in the not love triangle, but love quadrangle exemplied above.

T.A. Orji political dynasty is the in-thing now in Abia State come 2015 unless divinity intervenes. But how can divinity intervene when Mr. President who should call him to order is indecisive. Mr. President, will you continue to be indecisive on Abia politics that are surely incubating violence and blood let? Mr. President, you are the son of a Pastor who also pastured in the same Ngwaland those days. We crave your indulgence to use your tapped pastoral knowledge to call T.A. Orji to order.


The arrogance of T.A. Orji junior is not in doubt. The exuberance of shame and calculated attempt to castrate Abia State is no longer hidden. In fact, this character that can aptly be described as terrible is so clandestine and teetotal in fiendish mauevoure that the life of one army man from Ohafia barracks who was said to have accosted his unkempt arrogance was question marked. Be that as it may, the military authorities have remained taciturn and it appears the devil has had his way. Booed by this exigency of satanic scheming, this son of belial has subcutaneous intent to rule Abia State. Like Biblical Ahab and Ahab junior pull-dragged by jezebelic intent, T.A. Orji senior is jetted to the Senate while T.A. Orji junior is ballooned to the House of Assembly under the arrangee secret mathematics of the first lady who is skyrocketed to the House of Representatives.

The Ngwa-phobia appears platonically ameliorated in the schemed ticket hand over to Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu from Obi Ngwa. The pigs might fly. No qualm is the game, no matter whose ox is gored is the reason d'eter. In the mean time, and in the process of time, the hand writing on the wall would be decoded and as Igbos would say, the wind has blown and the smelly anus of the peacock is seen. If Ngwas, would rejoice that they have gotten Power after 1991 state creation, so long a time for such a big bloc to rule a State they are in clear majority, then, they are dead wrong. Certainly they are led by the garden path, prismatic sight, transcrucent vision of the moonlight play is called into question. The scheming better called mathematically unsolved equation, is pre-meditated tailored to impeach him after one year for the real man under the scene to take over. The hand of Esua and voice of Jacob is T.A. Orji junior and Okezie Ikpeazu.

Yours in the same of humanity,
Human Rights Organizations' Coalition of Nigeria (HUROCON)