When A Female Fan Grabbed My Trouser Inside A Restroom—Solid Star

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

Ajegunle-bred singer, Solid Star, has had his own fair share of life challenges as an up and coming artiste. The singer has not failed to express gratefulness to God for helping him scale the huddles.

Solid Star recently revealed that he is not in any relationship because his music career is more important to him than every other thing.

He stressed that as an artiste, there are many female fans who are searching for guys to be with, especially celebrities. He advised that people should choose wisely in order not to get into trouble.

According to him, “Not that I won't get into relationship, but due to the nature of my job, my album and some other things that I'm still working on, I have to stay focused for now. After everything, a relationship can follow.”

The singer noted that the reasons why he has been happy doing lovely songs has been because of the ladies who constitute 80 percent of his fan base.

Recalling an encounter with a female fan, the singer revealed that he was almost harassed by a lady at an event on the Island, when he went to use the restroom.

“There was also a day that I went for a show on the Island and I went to ease myself. On the way to the restroom, a female was following me and instead of going to the female toilet, she went into the male toilet with me! When she came closer to me, she started dragging my trousers, so I just ran out of the toilet. It was so embarrassing, to say the least, but thanks goodness, I overcame the temptation,” he narrated.