Ferguson madness

Black America is sick, very sick. That much is abundantly evident from the recent riots in Ferguson, Missouri.

After robbing a store, a black hoodlum physically assaults a White police officer who accosted him, and the thug is shot dead. That's what forensic evidence and grand jury testimony reveal - including half a dozen brave Black witnesses who testified despite threats from local bullies.

Several Black witnesses who initially lied that Michael Brown had his hands up when he was shot in the back, later recanted as their falsehood did not pan out with forensic evidence and other reliable witnesses.

Yet without any shred of evidence other than the victim was black; black race hustlers and their White-guilt collaborators in the lamestream media went viral with the baseless incendiary canard that a trigger-happy racist White cop gunned down an “unarmed Black teenager” without provocation.

It couldn't possibly have been self defense against a pugnacious 6'4'' nearly 300 pound Black thug with a juvenile record indicating earlier involvement in a gang related second degree murder. It had to be racism.

With Brown's death, a law suit has been filed to unseal his juvenile criminal record. It's not looking good for the politically correct Darren Wilson-is-a-racist crowd. Records are usually sealed to hide damaging incriminating info. It also does not help their false narrative that Brown's stepfather is an ex-con and gangster.

In the ensuing media inflamed orchestrated mayhem; rioting and looting Ferguson Blacks further vindicated Officer Darren Wilson as they brazenly indulged in the same violence, thievery and thuggery that got Michael Brown killed.

This is the disturbing ugly truth about Black America, which is responsible for more than half of America's violent crimes, i.e. more than other racial groups put together. And other Blacks are the major victims. In fact Black-on-black violence is the number one cause of death among young African-American men, not racist White cops.

U.S. Department of Justice Data reveal that Blacks are seven times more likely to be murderers than Whites. A Chicago weekend is in incomplete without shootouts between Black gangs. Black crime and violence chased out Whites from the predominantly Black city of Detroit, which has now collapsed and gone bankrupt – the first American city to do so.

Despite the fact that Whites in America outnumber Blacks five times, FBI statistics show that Black-on-White violence is several times more than White-on-Black violence.

Black-on-White violence takes several forms – Black mobs attacking Whites, knockout games, rape etc. It rarely makes mainstream news as such stories do not jive with the political correct narrative of Whites oppressing Blacks. Contrary to popular thinking, Blacks are also overrepresented in white collar crimes- counterfeiting, fraud and embezzlement.

High levels of violent crimes (murders, armed robbery, domestic violence, carjackings etc) in Black communities mean more confrontations with law enforcement. These run-ins with the law can sometimes be deadly, not just for the violent criminals, but also for police officers.

America's National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) reports that over 1500 law enforcement agents lost their lives in the line of duty in the last decade. Officer Brown's fear for his life was therefore not unfounded.

But to hear blame-Whitey charlatans like Al-Sharpton and Eric Holder tell it, there is a conspiracy of White police officers out to exterminate Black youths.

In the Ferguson Brown shooting, which should have been a local matter, Attorney-General Holder needlessly meddled to fuel racial discord. Before any investigation was conducted to ascertain the facts, he made it about race - “I am the attorney general of the United States, but I am also a black man.”

Even after a competent grand jury found no grounds for prosecution, Holder continues his witch hunt with a federal investigation. Darren Wilson must be found guilty at all costs. The same applies to George Zimmerman, but after more than 2 years of “federal investigation”, the “I am also a black man” attorney-general can't get his case off the ground.

Holder also played an incendiary role in the Trayvon Martin affair, when he abused his DOJ office to organize protests in a futile attempt to railroad conviction of Zimmerman. This is the same attorney-general who blocked prosecution of Black Panther thugs that intimidated White voters in the historic election that put Obama in the White House.

White Americans voted for Obama in expectation of a post-racial America true to MLK's “I have a dream” vision. Instead Obama surrounds himself with race hustling demagogues like Eric Holder and the disgraced Al Sharpton, who thrive on fueling racial discord. Frankly, I'm surprised the anti-Semitic Whites-are-devils Louis Farrakhan is not in Obama's cabinet.

Obama's choice of Al Sharpton as race relations adviser is particularly disturbing. Mr Al-Sharpton (I refuse to address him as “reverend”) is a particularly obnoxious purveyor of racial hate, and a crook whom the FBI blackmailed into snitching on the Mafia.

He was among the race hustling flame throwers in both the Tawana Brawley and Duke University rape hoaxes in which “rich white boys” were falsely accused of raping Black girls. In the Tawana Brawley case he was later sued and forced to pay $65,000 damages to assistant prosecutor Stevens Pagones whom he slandered during the case. Yet more than a decade later, when interviewed about his ignoble role in the scandal, he unrepentantly declared - “If I had to do it again, I'd do it in the same way.” Bias

Conversely, even after a group of Black teens confessed on video in front of their parents to gang raping a 28 year old White woman in the Central Park jogger case - with revealing details of the crime - Mr Sharpton insisted they were innocent victims of "racial hysteria." Without any proof he organized a "the boyfriend did it" protest.

This is the vile scumbag Obama chose as adviser on race relations, which is not altogether surprising given Obama's own 20 year sojourn in Jeremiah Wright's “God damn America” church.

It is noteworthy that Obama did not voluntarily quit the “God damn America” church, but was compelled to do so by the demands of his 2008 presidential campaign. In other words Obama harbours some of the racial hate that drives the Al Sharptons and Jeremiah Wrights.

Little wonder Obama needlessly injected himself on the side of Blacks in publicized inter-racial fracas like the Robert Gates and Trayvon Martin sagas, seemingly forgetting he is supposed to be president of all Americans.

In the Trayvon Martin case, before investigation was concluded and the facts outed, the president took sides and declared that Trayvon could have been his son. But the numerous White girls raped by Black brutes, amply documented in Colin Flaherty's “White girls bleed a lot”…they could not possibly be Obama's daughters.

Now Obama is about to nominate another rabid Black race hustler to replace Eric Holder as Attorney-General – the abrasive and aptly named Loretta Lynch, who is part of the get-Whitey lynch mob.

Ms. Lynch wants death sentence for white collar crimes like bank fraud just to get at Whites – “Apply the death penalty to securities fraud prosecutions (mostly Whites) and wipe out (the racial disparity) just like that.”

Alternatively, death penalty should be abolished because it disparately impacts on Blacks - “…the problem with the death penalty… is that the federal death penalty is still going to hit harder on certain groups (Blacks).”

It is really unfortunate that these so-called Black leaders set bad examples for ordinary Black folks when they unduly racialize every issue. Black murderers - whose victims are mostly other Blacks - must be treated leniently, just so the small-minded racially bigoted Loretta Lynchs of America can luxuriate in their ludicrous notion of racial equality.

These same race baiting hate mongers would also raise hell if as a result of their campaign against death penalty, Black criminals come to make up a large proportion of life sentence inmates. One can understand opposition to death penalty on humanistic grounds, but opposition based on naked racism is downright idiotic and utterly abhorrent.

Like Al Sharpton, Ms Lynch also opposes voter ID to check against electoral fraud because it would purportedly disenfranchise many Blacks. These race mongering nutjobs who see racism everywhere are the Black nonentities Obama surrounds himself with… birds of feather. In states that insist on voter ID, there's no evidence that Blacks are adversely affected. Hopefully, the Republican controlled Senate will block Ms Lynch's nomination. And predictably, the sycophantic pro-Obama media will condemn GOP for “racism.”

As for those Whites who are burdened by historic guilt and think they do us a favour by pandering to the Black Grievance Industry, kindly cease and desist. Jason Riley, the brilliant African-American scholar puts it nicely in his eye-opening book – “Please stop helping us!!”

We do not need their patronizing condescension that willfully overlooks the Black criminality which underlies the sometimes deadly clashes with law enforcement.

We Blacks are savages who are not supposed to know better. Unfortunately, the Al-Sharptons, Eric Holders and other pea-brained race hustlers are too stupid to appreciate the implied gratuitous insult. We will not be held to a lower standard of civilized conduct than the rest of humanity.

When OJ Simpson was acquitted of killing his White ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her lover; White Americans did not go on a rampage. On the contrary, many Black Americans stupidly and shamelessly celebrated the acquittal of a Black murderer, whom many of them privately acknowledge was most likely guilty. But these small minded Blacks had to stick a middle finger to Whitey. Whites have also not gone on a looting rampage in protest against the numerous other instances of racist Black violence.

The painful truth is that Black America's woes are largely self-inflicted. Three-quarters of African-American kids are born out of wedlock, and brought up in dysfunctional single parent homes.

In 2008, Obama himself declared - “Children who grow up without a father are five times more likely to live in poverty and commit crime; nine times more likely to drop out of schools and 20 times more likely to end up in prison.”

Yet the same Obama and his attorney-general Holder pressurize schools to let up on disciplining disruptive Black kids who make learning difficult for other children, and have been known to assault teachers, particularly White teachers.

Reason? You guessed it, racism!! Like in Loretta Lynch's opposition to death penalty, it's all about the absurd politically correct notion of 'disparate impact.'

A disproportionately large number of expelled and suspended school kids are Black, so it has to be racism. It couldn't possibly have anything to do with the fact that most African-American kids are from broken homes, often in gang infested neighbourhoods.

School discipline must suffer with attendant decline in educational standards, just to appease whining Black race hustlers who lack the balls to confront the real roots of Black underachievement – broken Black families.

Our African-American kin are well advised to stop behaving like spoiled brats, take responsibility for their failures, put their house in order and stop all this nonsensical blame-whitey 'racism' crap.

Whatever anti-Black racism remains in America is largely because of Black underachievement and criminality. How can we Blacks expect other races to respect us, when we constantly mess up, not just in America, but also here in Africa?

Nigerian-Americans have median income twice that of indigenous African-Americans. Earlier this year, Kwesi Enin, a high achieving Ghanaian-American student was in the news for getting accepted into all 8 Ivy League colleges. What then is the excuse for our underachieving Black American brothers & sisters lagging behind, even with Affirmative Action which favours mediocre Blacks over better qualified Whites?

Asian-Americans have surpassed Whites in academic achievements - particularly in science & technology - as well as most economic indices.

Thomas Sowell, another eminent African-American scholar rightly notes that these quiet American achievers of Asian descent have no race hustling loudmouths like Al Sharpton among them, perpetually whining about racism.

Apartheid, slavery, colonialism and Jim Crow segregation are long over. They can no longer be excuses for Black underachievement, whether in America or here in Africa. For goodness sake, there's a 'blackman' in the White House!!

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