Hon. James Pelachiroma condemns The Poor Representation ofAskira-Uba/Hawul at National Assembly

By Ibrahim-Gwamna Mshelizza

Hon. James Pelachiroma an Aspirant contestant to the Federal House of Representatives from Askira-Uba/Hawul Constituency has condemned the poor quality representation by former and present members as not a single motion or Bill has ever been moved by them on the floor of the Nationsl Assembly.

Speaking on why he is offering himself to contest the National Assembly seat, Hon. Pelachiroma said, "iam disappointed with the present and former members representing our constituency because none of the pressing issues affecting our constituency has ever been tabled before the National Assembly".

"Imagine how our two local governments are being shortchanged every month as the Revenue allocation to us does not reflect our size and population. Even when both local government areas went to the population tribunal and won their cases, the members have been unable to influence a recount so that our true population can be reflected even though that was the judgment awarded by the tribunal.

Hon. James Pelachiroma is further miffed by the lack of Federal presence in the constituency as well as the absence of membership of Boards of Federal Parastatals from the area.

He said that if he is elected to represent his people at the National Assembly, things will certainly change for the better and urged the people to vote for the All Progressive Congress (APC).

Hon. Pelachiroma has served his community, political party and the Borno State Government in various capacities culminating in his appointment as Special Adviser to two different Administrations .